Season 17 PST-SUN Players

#NameAvatarRankDotabuff / OpendotaStatementActivity Check?
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaI play all the…I play all the meta 5 heroes and some of the 4s. I play core in pubs, but not rd2l unless someone is missing.
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable most…Available most evenings after 8:30 PM. Will delight and entertain with renditions of classics like "In the Crimean war, the cavalry meta was stale" and "this season's best waifu is..."
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaI literally…I literally never shut up, I'm very abrasive, autistic, I like anime, and I may randomly just stop playing dota and only show up for scheduled matches, it's my part in the reason my team lost two seasons ago, I'm also acquainted with 8 people who've been banned from RD2L. I am true to my word, unless that word is me stating that I'll be making content, because that's always a lie.
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaOkay. Let’s cut…Okay. Let’s cut the cheesy shit. I’m an ancient 7 mid who has beaten many divine and immortals mid even in losing matchups. But hey I’m still ancient for a reason right? I work a full time job so I’m available 3 or 4 nights a week for scrims and that’s it sadly. I love scrimming tho. Passive aggressive player who when given the right hero can solo carry games, but if given something like dusa, I’ll throw your game unintentionally.
31Dotabuff / OpenDotaNeed a team…Need a team that micromanages/coaches me to be successful. Tryhard, despite my mmr limits. No longer pma.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaGiving this…Giving this another shot. I play support and stuff
53Dotabuff / OpenDotais riki meta…is riki meta again yet?
56Dotabuff / OpenDotaI have…I have currently a weird work schedule T-F 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM S 8AM - 4:00 PM. I am free anytime on saturday after work. I can also do scrims and stuff after 12 during the weekdays or all day on Monday. Not sure how long this schedule will last, but I am available to play on Sundays every week. I am a very solid support who is looking to have fun!
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaI will be…I will be unavailable on vacation in China from May 19th to June 6th. Other than that my schedule is wide open for scrims etc. I'm volatile when it comes to comms and will sometimes not communicate via voice chat when I get tilted (although I will remain in the comms channel, use chat wheels, and actively ping/draw on the map to communicate). I have knowledge of hero matchups etc. so can help when it comes to drafting.
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaIm party…Im party boosted trash.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaI don't play…I don't play dota much anymore so I am significantly worse than last season. Anti-value player and will only play the heroes that I want to play. pos 3 offlane only Preferably second round me and get dependable players who can carry the team
73Dotabuff / OpenDota…
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaME + MISO…ME + MISO PACKAGE DEAL
65Dotabuff / OpenDotapos 5 spammer…pos 5 spammer plz dont pick me ty ive lost so much mmr
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaGachimuchi…Gachimuchi Workingman Kanye West back in this shit. I play the core roles. Also will admin abuse anyone who first picks me this season thanks. Fuck treebeard :matdab:
17bloodninja #roadto4k
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaI AM NOT A…I AM NOT A STRONG 1/2 PLAYER. ALSO I WANT NO RESPONSIBILITIES BECAUSE IF I SHOTCALL FOR YOUR TEAM ILL PROBABLY BE PERMABANNED. I'm coming off of a ban for excessive toxicity. I have triggers and a long history of conflict with teammates and flaming people. READ MY STEAM PROFILE COMMENTS My MMR has always correlated well with my skill. Both have varied extremely, with a downward trend.
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaHere to…Here to practice carry or offlane. Last season tried carry for the first time and went 3 rounds into the playoffs
20pandaPGOD:) 熊猫神
72Dotabuff / OpenDotai like dota
32Dotabuff / OpenDotaNow this is a…Now this is a story all about how My life got turned all upside down Gonna take a minute just to say hell I'll tell you how I became the last pick of rd2l. In Tacoma Wa, born and raised On the pc was where I spent most of my days Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool And all playin Dota after school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got all scary Said, no one gonna pick u if you cant play carry
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaBeen playing…Been playing this crazy game for 10 years now. I don't get to play as often as I used to (3-4 times a week) so don't expect me to make crazy plays anymore but I've been a part of organized teams/stacks including deep RD2L playoff runs in Seasons 3 & 4. I've got no problem at all doing the little things that need to be done. I'm calm & collected when things are rough but fun & loud when we're winning because that's what gaming is about!
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaIf you hate…If you hate someone who talks a lot or plays pudge, I am NOT your choice.... Pos 4 PMA player who likes to critically talk about games/items/strats/mistakes
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaPos 3 and 5…Pos 3 and 5 player. Down to practice and scrim often after work. This is my 6th season in RD2L.
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaSupport player,…Support player, working on early game shot calling. PMA. If made captain willing to fp treebeard.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot participati…Not participating in other leagues/divisions, very confident in my abilities as a player I play pos 1/2 in the 4k mmr bracket, I have strong laning and farming skills and play almost every mid laner, consistently well alt acc:
71Dotabuff / OpenDotafeelin cute,…feelin cute, might delete later
44Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy only dream…My only dream is to play CM
29Goobriel Goldstein
63Dotabuff / OpenDotafuck off with…fuck off with that mid shit
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaToxic player,…Toxic player, the team that i captained last season disbanded and all unadded me on steam so that should let u know abt my personality. I want to play offlane pls. PM me on discord if you are thinking about picking me so we dont ruin each other's season ty. im gay
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm available…I'm available most nights, I get out of class at 7 PST on Mon and Wed so that is my only time restriction. If I have 24 hour notice I can play most any other time. As for a statement the only thing I can say is that I've been playing dota for a long time, since dota 1. I played ranked 5 years ago and lost almost all my calibration games, never been try grinding type so I don't feel that my MMR is super accurate but need to have a number.
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy top played…My top played are all mid heroes, but I'm fine playing pos 1 as well. I'm not going to captain your team. Expect lots of TA bans.
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaPos 4 only,…Pos 4 only, Made top 8 in my first season and made finals last season. I'll be interning over the summer so I can't play much dota on weekdays (no scrims). Prefer to be on teams that are chill and fun but also try their best to win. I'll miss scrim week 0 but other than that I think I should be fine? Don't ban me if i leave mid season tree O_O
34[RD] redground
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi I only…Hi I only play Dota on Sunday nights now! I'm super boosted as well. RD2L is one of my favorite things though so look forward to a fun if not successful season.
35VIBES (Low priority king)
0Dotabuff / OpenDotaAmane
72Dotabuff / OpenDotame + moca 📦…me + moca 📦 deal
45Dotabuff / OpenDota
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaPreviously…Previously Elusive. 4/5 player despite my dotabuff being mostly core. FA S15 on Sasquatch's team. Fav heroes Rubick, Abaddon, Oracle, and Wisp. Down to learn anything else. 0 ego. 0 confidence. Participant of LD2L for it's first 3 initial seasons. Raised half a badge over March alone. Hoping to potentially have a captain/teammates willing to sit down and flame me. Only avail Sat/Sun as I work 2nd shift, though I have my tablet on me in mornings to check discord/watch vids. DM4More Info
65Dotabuff / OpenDotacasual; caveat…casual; caveat emptor
40Pango Unchained
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaGarbage tier…Garbage tier support player who doesn't play "the right" heroes. I travel once a month for 4 days, but besides that I work from home and have no real life.
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello I play…Hello I play 3/4/5! I play batrider and other heroes i dont care to mention -- I am a very selfless 3/4 so give me a greedy 3/4 to play with and we'll do great
42The Bread Hun
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaHave another…Have another team that I will be playing some other leagues in. Rd2l will be prioritized with regards to scrims/practice
64Dotabuff / OpenDota
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaI probably play…I probably play below my MMR since I barely play anymore, don't pick me before the last round. Barely have time to scrim, so don't pick me if you have plans of scrimming a lot, I probably won't be able to make them. Also for anyone who doesn't know me I play from Australia with 200ms so don't pick me unless you're fine with that pepega
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaSocial…Social butterfly that will rarely ever be available on Tuesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. PMA old man. nagaWah.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaShould be…Should be available for games/scrims whenever. PMA, I'll bring some hype to your team, probably wont meld well at all with easily tilted players.
47Vuvuzela Virtuoso Hans Rudolph
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaOut of practice…Out of practice (see my Dotabuff activity). Play predominantly 5 in solo ranked and party games. I usually play fairly sacrificial regardless of my position. Even if I'm a "4," if the "5" isn't buying and placing wards, I'll usually just start spam buying the wards. I tend to create a lot of space through relentless feeding, so I do better with people that can utilize the space. I have my MMR through being PMA more than skill. I don't mind losing, I just don't want to play with toxic players.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotahttps://imgur.c…
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaextremely…extremely overrated, I play closer to my party mmr than solo
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi Friendos o/!…Hi Friendos o/! I'll play whatever I'm needed for cause I'm a low mmr so I'll probably be drafted to play some meta, boring, 1 size fits all support hero every game anyways (though I'd be really really happy if I wasn't put on a 2 active spell braindead generic support hero!). I do significantly prefer pos 4 over 5, but I'll probably be picked last round so I can make whatever work. Looking to improve, and learn especially on getting better at support! Looking forward to a good season!
54Dotabuff / OpenDotamost PMA player…most PMA player in the league
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaNo Tues/Thurs…No Tues/Thurs availability. Pos 5 PMA, kinda quiet
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaCasual late…Casual late night DoTA player. I feel most comfortable as a support player, however I'm willing to conform to the needs of the team. I have not played Solo Q in a long time. My current badge calibrated through party rank. I don't excel in any particular mechanic of the game, I'm more of a jack of all trades, master of none. I'm also lacking in leadership / shot-calling abilities.
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaBefore you pick…Before you pick me, look at my dotabuff. Look at my MMR. All that shit is VERY accurate. Don't ruin both of our seasons. When picked correctly I went 9-4 last season playing 4 and 5. I can eat bans for our team. Have an annoying voice and will probably talk a lot or not at all. Rabbi + Halfcast = Package Deal.
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable…Available Sunday evenings in PST, around 7pm. Not playing in any other leagues.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaJust yeah
57[RD] Ratman
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaTypically like…Typically like to play POS 4. Pretty emotionally stable guy...can play most weeknights, weekends require some notice. Can get quiet at times depending who am playing with.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaKunkka Only…Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only Kunkka Only
59mid or courier adventure
74Dotabuff / OpenDotapls dont draft…pls dont draft me if you arent going to put effort into scheduling scrims also i have a hero puddle, prefer to be drafted with other hero puddlers, talk to me if ur not sure
64Dotabuff / OpenDotahappy to have…happy to have fun this Season again. my work schedule sucks so its had for me to get together and scrim but I'm off to play main events.
22Dotabuff / OpenDota4/5 player,…4/5 player, Friendly and willing to listen and learn in a competitive environment. Played in S15 in EST SUN division and 4 Seasons in LD2L (S0-3, stand-in for S4). Currently playing in BD2L and not planning on signing up for any other leagues. Looking to learn and get better at the game. Yes that is my actual mmr, my Party is still uncalibrated with 4 games left as of submission. If needed, Nerf Bubbles (Vel) and Shea Dr. can vouch for me.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaWashed up…Washed up player hoping to get back into dota a bit
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaavailable any…available any weekday after 8 pm est and pretty much all day weekends
65[ ] created
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaI prefer to…I prefer to play offlane/safelane support. I will be available at the times required of the games. I am not participating in other leagues.
66King Kende Plus
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaReally busy so…Really busy so not able to play much dota except officials. If I get picked by an undesirable I want to have fun and play 5 position. (Dm me plz)
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot playing…Not playing other leagues RN. Mostly pos 1/4/2. Drafted and shot-called for CSL and other games in the past.
72Dotabuff / OpenDota
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaFreed up some…Freed up some time due to the concerns of some people. Got Mon-Th basically off, with the notable exceptions of early mornings and Thursday night. I play in a stack with friends from my home country during most of my free time, so I'll mostly be available for the times of this league (i.e. Sunday at 7PM).
41Dotabuff / OpenDotaFirst time…First time registering for a league. Mostly play Party que and have been following dota 2 since TI4. Free most weekends and can play any role decently. Just looking to get some good dota games in, learn some new things and improve my play.
43Dotabuff / OpenDotaNumber 1 value…Number 1 value last pick. Positive attitude, Always show up. Comfortable with criticism. Available weekends and most weekday days.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello! I'm a…Hello! I'm a former carry and current position 4 player for UC Berkeley's Division 1 team (4th place CSL this year woot so close to lan >.>). Looking to improve on my drafting skills as our captain is leaving this year and I need to draft (; - ;), gameplay, and of course meeting others who are also passionate about this game!
51Dotabuff / OpenDotafirst time…first time playing in a league, im very available on weekends and for most days during the week. i got class at night and work on 3 others days in morning till 6 pm pst. Please draft my close friend (死 could be simple), we always have had good synergy.
74King Scal
80Dotabuff / OpenDotai might…i might safelane or i might take my talents to the mid lane im prob not gonna be there for scrims or anything
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaMid only…Mid only please. 2nd Season of RD2L
76Arya Stark
61Dotabuff / OpenDota2 player who…2 player who prefers to play and learn pos 4/5
67Dotabuff / OpenDotaRetired and…Retired and senile. I plan to randomly choose a strength, agi, and int hero, and you can pick from those 3 to replicate my prime single draft environment.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am generally…I am generally a fill player, I can more or less play any role. Haven't had as many games as carry/mid cause everyone wants those, oh well. Admins pls not adjust up. I am scrub ancient 7 player who got carried.
79Rice Boi
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaMid or…Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) Mid or Pudge(both) PM me before picking pls.
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaPleb coming…Pleb coming through.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello I am a…Hello I am a friendly support player. I won't join lobbies until right at game time because I'm almost always busy right before.
53Dotabuff / OpenDotai have no life,…i have no life, 1st time rd2l draft my friend (god joubin) too
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaThis is my…This is my second season of rd2l. I can play any position except mid really, but pos 5 is my best. Next best is probably 1 and 4. Not available Tues-Thurs most of the day, but am at night on those days usually. All other days I'm usually available.
84Give up dude
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaPMA player :)…PMA player :) UwU i hit cweeps; i go agwossiff wen time is wight :3
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaIm in ld2l.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaUsed to play a…Used to play a lot of Dota but don't play much anymore. Don't ever solo q, so party boosted. Play 1 or 5. Very PMA and friendly. Excited for fun season.
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaPosition 3 or 4…Position 3 or 4 mainly pos-4.
41Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot in any…Not in any other leagues at this time but I captained/shot called/ drafted for my schools CSL DotA2 team.
89Shea Dr.
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlease read…Please read this before drafting me. I am an offlaner but not your traditional offlaner. I don't play the normal heroes so if you want someone who u just want to pick some brain-dead hero like underlord or doom, get someone else, it will be much better value. If you feel like your not a good drafter, get a top tier carry or mid. You will get more out of it. My hero pool varies depending on the patch. My MMR is deceiving, I think I would probably rate my self around 25th best player in the draft.
44Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot playing in…Not playing in any other leagues. Chill support who prefers position 5. My party MMR is TBD; this form isn't bright enough to allow that as an option.
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaComing back…Coming back from dota break. Pick strong mid and carry before me for best results. Me offlaner. Legend gamers rise up. Maybe this is the season people stop valuing me and the team makes playoffs...
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaFlex player,…Flex player, can do 1/3/4. Would prefer not to play mid. I'm more of an ape than a rice farmer (zzzzzzzzz). Can probably commit to 1 scrim a week but please don't ask me for more or on weekends.
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaComfortable…Comfortable playing mid against immortals/divines. PMA, talkative, do not tilt usually. Down to practice/scrim. Don't respect people with big egos... Last two seasons were really fun, don't fuck me over here! Will have to miss 2 games at the end of May!!!
62Dotabuff / OpenDotashould be a bit…should be a bit busy for the first few weeks of the season due to a move, but other than that I should be free to practice most days. 3/4/5 player generally, but can play 1 in a pinch. Better at giving advice on drafts than coming up with them on my own. Hope to have a fun season!
96[RD] Nyx
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaI hate when I’m…I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me, like 'oh great', now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaI would…I would actually like to mid this season
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy numbers look…My numbers look nice until you realize I haven't played some of those heroes in months. Or the fact that I mainly play support nowadays. uwu
35Dotabuff / OpenDotawill be on…will be on vacation memorial day weekend. Not sure if Ill have internet access?
0Dotabuff / OpenDotaFirst time in…First time in RD2L. Looking to meet new players, learn and grow. Most comfortable as a pos 4/5 player.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaI will try to…I will try to make scrims as needed, would rather play 5 position
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaPST-SUN
0Dotabuff / OpenDotaIm hella rusty,…Im hella rusty, havent played frequently in over a year and a half. Mmrs not gonna be accurate for the most part until i get back into the swing of things. Its summer so im pretty much free except for 1 week.
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am a position…I am a position 2/5 Player. I am very quiet in-game, but I will communicate when needed (making calls, missing, etc.). I have under 1600 matches under my belt, so I am inexperienced, but I can quickly adapt and adjust. I am also a FlyingNightmare Disciple.
105Jimmy Pesto
31Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm open to…I'm open to playing w/e a captain would like me to play. I played with redground last season.
75Dotabuff / OpenDotadon't look to…don't look to me to carry ur team thanks
107new couch day
34Dotabuff / OpenDotaHey all,…Hey all, haven't played a season yet. I'm 30 from the west coast. Flexible, willing to learn. Looking for a chill team to improve with. Normally play pos 1 safelane in pubs but enjoy 3 offlane and 5 support as well. I'm below the MMR threshold but have only just started to play seriously and try increase rank. I play much more than the minimum 25 games per month and plan to dedicate myself to improving.
33Dotabuff / OpenDota
109Muskrat Love
55Dotabuff / OpenDota
65Dotabuff / OpenDota
111Benny the Tiger King
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaCasual dota2…Casual dota2 player since beta, tried our S16 and unfortunately had a bad experience b/c of a lazy captain and his friend whose combined hero pool was 3 heroes. Comfortable playing anywhere, would prefer carry or pos 4 role. Happy to help organize and coordinate throughout the season, just don't wanna captain because I only knew a few folks in the rd2l community right now (Itachi, 4leks, Zend). PMA most of the time, unless you're part of Neku's/Fooz's entourage.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaprefer to not…prefer to not be a mid player but i am able. available most days to party/scrim
44Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable most…Available most days for practice. Usually always available for games. Most comfortable with Pos 1 and 3, but will play whatever role needed. Played support last season i playeed and pos 1 the season before that.
80Dotabuff / OpenDota66% disband…66% disband rate
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaYou may know me…You may know me as mid only because I've been known to dumpster immortal players *cough* dark dota *cough*. I'm about three things, memes, dota, and skipping scrimmages, and I'm all out of memes.
116[RD] Druvhix
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello! First…Hello! First time playing in this league, but I've been recommended to by a few other players. I'm a macro based player, so I tend to look at the big picture! More than anything, I am doing this for fun, so thank-you for considering me!
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaFree after 8pm…Free after 8pm most weekdays, can make time on the weekends if I know in advance.
118PIPI _::_:*
80Dotabuff / OpenDotahi, i want to…hi, i want to have fun :)
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello, I'm…Hello, I'm Tiramisu. This is my first RD2L, and I'm not participating in any other leagues/divisions. I like playing mid lane but given that I don't have a very high rank I'm willing to play any position. I look forward to playing this season.
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaStubborn league…Stubborn league of legends player. I won't play with mantis. I also won't solo carry you I want to play a team game.
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaBeen playing…Been playing for a while. Just the usual 3k player. Can play a wide variety of heroes. Played like 2 seasons ago. I am very comfortable playing position 4 or 5 and looking forward to learning a lot from this experience.
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am a pos 4/5…I am a pos 4/5 player who is very comfortable in the role. I am a very capable ganker and laner. I am normally the shotcaller and drafter on my stacks when we play, which being the shot caller is very easy from the 4/5 pos.
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot in any…Not in any other leagues atm, I prefer one position but willing to play 1-4, last season i was ancient 5 on my other account (4500). But i have not played that account in a while as i feel my skill level has went down since i grinding 4500.
124Reverend Jay
42Dotabuff / OpenDota
125space dendi
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlayed several…Played several seasons, please don't draft me in the 2nd round because of badge that would be a really bad mistake and I want to be on a good team Kappa. Should be available most of the time but I may miss a week or two over the course of the season due to traveling for work/family. Will let you know in advance. Comfortable on 3/4 can also play certain 5 heroes, but don't have a full 5 pool. Previous captains are Big Fella and Mathmatronaru if you want to ask them questions.
126Pay to win baby!!!
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaI just wanna…I just wanna play Dota 2
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaAny roles…Any roles except mid. Specialize in pos5 yeet
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaCollege student…College student with a part time job so between 2-6 PST are the best times on weekdays, weekends any time.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaI don't have a…I don't have a current or recent mmr calibration. Before seasons were a thing I was around 5k. I haven't played in a while and am likely not as good as I used to be. Chill older guy looking to get back into dota and buy some wards for folks.