Season 17 Playoff Series

RoundHome Team NameHome Team LogoHome Team PointsAway Team PointsAway Team LogoAway Team NameMatch Url
6Guinea Pigs in Paris2King RetARds Baby!Link
1Guinea Pigs in Paris21ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE ME
5Guinea Pigs in Paris21Gachi GirlsLink
2Guinea Pigs in Paris21Classy RetardsLink
4Guinea Pigs in Paris20OverratedLink
3Guinea Pigs in Paris20Retards on ICeLink
2RIP BonerKing02Retards on ICeLink
3NO, JUST NO...12OverratedLink
4Nera + 402Gachi GirlsLink
5The Feed Stack12King RetARds Baby!Link
1Classy Retards20SMACKTRICKZLink
2The Last Wisp02NO, JUST NO...Link
3Judgemental Jotaro12Nera + 4Link
1RIP BonerKing21Team SpecialLink
4Team Excellence TBH12The Feed StackLink
3Gachi Girls21Tiny AirlinesLink
2Overrated21Mags Protects Four
1Retards on ICe21Ultra Griefed TeamLink
4snap traps02King RetARds Baby!Link
3Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...02Team Excellence TBHLink
2Judgemental Jotaro21Green CrackLink
1The Last Wisp20CRAPLink
2Nera + 420She Succ MeLink
1Toronto Raptors12NO, JUST NO...Link
3Tea Plantation02The Feed StackLink
3Mother Ducking Dogs12snap trapsLink
1GAFF's Blueberry Garden V202OverratedLink
2Hungle Juskar12Gachi GirlsLink
3Team Double Down02King RetARds Baby!Link
1Mags Protects Four20Unintentional GriefersLink
2Tiny Airlines21Smiley FaceLink
2Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...21spidez far from homeLink
1Judgemental Jotaro20Can We Change The NameLink
1Green Crack20Who Let Mao Captain AgainLink
2Team Excellence TBH21Narté- PartéLink
2Tea Plantation20Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatLink
1Train Gang12Nera + 4Link
2Team Non Toxic02The Feed StackLink
1Erock's Elites12Hungle JuskarLink
2The Grief Stack02Mother Ducking DogsLink
2snap traps21Can't DenyLink
1Gachi Girls20OwOLink
1Tiny Airlines21Snails Like Team SpiritLink
2Pepega Police02Team Double DownLink
2Bobby Skeet and the Tools02King RetARds Baby!Link
1Smiley Face21Chromosome Collectors
1Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...2Link
1Sneaky Sneks02spidez far from homeLink
1RIP Jungle02Team Excellence TBHLink
1Narté- Parté20Four Smurfs and a HeraldLink
1Tea Plantation21Knight Gaming Team SolarLink
1Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat20Steven's Worldwide Apology TourLink
1Head First into Shallow Pools02Team Non ToxicLink
1The Feed Stack21Fuck BurrahobbitLink
1The Grief Stack20All My Losses Was LessonsLink
1Mother Ducking Dogs20Vrisky 8usinessLink
1snap traps21Kodo Tag Xtreme
1Est-Mon Will Pay for the Wall02Can't DenyLink
1Pepega Police21George's Boy ToysLink
1Team Double Down20Moon MenLink
1No High Fives02Bobby Skeet and the ToolsLink
1King RetARds Baby!20:ti4silver:Link