PST-SUN Season 17 Week 9 Matchups

Home TeamAway Team
King RetARds Baby! (ultr4num1fan)Narté- Parté (Narté-)
Smiley Face (UltraGunner)Tea Plantation (Clare ❤ Teresa)
Mags Protects Four (Skater_x7)snap traps (ForTheSwarm)
Green Crack (StonedSpirit)RIP BonerKing (JonSquid)
Train Gang (ChowMains)SMACKTRICKZ (ButteryGreg)
No High Fives (Clueless)spidez far from home (spidez)
OwO (aeos)Hungle Juskar (FlyingNightmare™)
NO, JUST NO... (doofgod)George's Boy Toys (George)
Steven's Worldwide Apology Tour (steven)CRAP (CRAP)
All My Losses Was Lessons (TheMantis)Miso's Human +4 (Cerys)
Fuck Burrahobbit (Burrahobbit)4 Shibbers and a Woofer (Predict)
Gachi Griefed Us (Huntington)Truckwaffle (Truckwaffle)
Society for the Welfare of Enlightened Robots (BoX)Gachi Apache (Leoj)
Level 10000 Ceb (Jabinskiz)Chloe with a Glock (Dark)
The Island of Misfit Boys (RIP.Castro)BYE