Season 17 PST-SUN Stand-ins

#NameAvatarDraft MMRDotabuff / OpendotaStatement
1Potato Farmer
5760Dotabuff / OpenDota
5736Dotabuff / OpenDotamy mmr is 1.8k.…my mmr is 1.8k. standin only
5532Dotabuff / OpenDota5750 --> 5.1k…5750 --> 5.1k if u even have a single thought of wanting to play with me ur making a big mistake
4mirage main
5468Dotabuff / OpenDota***WARNING*** I…***WARNING*** I will most likely be gone for 3 weeks in June, other than that I can usually play anytime.
6ayy jis
4886Dotabuff / OpenDotaPretty much…Pretty much always available as of right now.
4862Dotabuff / OpenDotaI came back…I came back from a 6 month break, but I am still pretty decent. I am not participating in anything else. FlyingNightmare associate.
4841Dotabuff / OpenDota
4814Dotabuff / OpenDotastand in not…stand in not free agent Don't get me wrong I hear your reasons You get along over the weekends But I got it bad Yeah I'm not sleeping And every time I hear her name my heart is breaking
10Lilith 开花
4637Dotabuff / OpenDotaThis season i…This season i am going to communicate purely by playing my favorite song through the microphone.
4521Dotabuff / OpenDotanobody fucking…nobody fucking reads thsi shit rofl i wil be graduating when season starts so i dont fucking know my avaialbliity because i want to get my shit together before making rd2l plans im bad at all roles at the time of this post bloodstone necrophos and weaber basher is the meta
4462Dotabuff / OpenDotapick me for mid…pick me for mid and i'll be happy and I will win u games. Pick me for hard carry and i'll just win u games
13Big Fella
4461Dotabuff / OpenDotaPMA Blogboy…PMA Blogboy looking to play/practice pos 1/2 this season. I can 3 if you REALLY REALLY want me to. I'll be happy to be on any team.
4250Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailability…Availability isn't a problem because it'll be over my summer vacation, unless my mom drags me somewhere which still possible... Pros: Extreme Positivety Cons: Literally anything related to dota + annoying voice. Don't expect me to play well i won't trust me and anyone who knows me xd. Also i have 1 support hero which will be banned every single game without question so don't rely on that either.
4031Dotabuff / OpenDotaI play…I play everything, ask anyone. Standin because I work early monday mornings on the East coast, but I like playing with the PST crowd. Am good free agent, have had very few lawsuits, ask anyone.
3920Dotabuff / OpenDotahi im chance…hi im chance and i like to party
3839Dotabuff / OpenDota
3812Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlayed position…Played position 1 last season. This season willing to play 1 / 4 / 5 :D 3rd season RD2L now
19Ferris Euler
3772Dotabuff / OpenDotastandin only,…standin only, bad availability, and inflated mmr. will you adjust me down yet tree?
20OpenAI Bot (2)
3725Dotabuff / OpenDotaSunday…Sunday mornings, Monday all day, and Wednesday evenings are usually extremely busy for me. I'm a musician and a student (currently going through finals and graduation), so my schedule is generally pretty flexible but I do have hard commitments and can't sacrifice my diploma for Dota 2.
21Prime |
3716Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello I will…Hello I will play whichever role needed!!! Ready to have some fun PMA
22Healthy Snacks
3613Dotabuff / OpenDotaStand-in only.…Stand-in only. Need as much notice as possible. Will play 4 or 5.
3538Dotabuff / OpenDotatraveling a…traveling a bunch on weekends so I'd miss at least 3 weeks during the season (likely week 0, 4, 8 -- possibly 0, 5, Playoffs1) so availability is all over, but I'm around in discord often.
3258Dotabuff / OpenDotaThe 10 steps in…The 10 steps in the Korean Skincare routine are 1) Makeup remover and oil cleanser 2) Water base foam cleanser 3) Exfoliator 4) Toner 5) Essence 6) Serum or Ampoule 7) Sheet Mask 8) Eye Cream 9) Moisturizer and 10) Sun Screen.
3100Dotabuff / OpenDotaDue to work and…Due to work and personal reasons, only stand-in. Waiting for AA to be back in meta. Pos5 and 6 only. Will play 4 only if pudge is picked.
3086Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm free to…I'm free to play on most days. If something comes up I will always give notice. Usually play pos 3 in the offlane. Looking for a team who wants to have fun but always wants to win!
2731Dotabuff / OpenDota
28Pure Child
1840Dotabuff / OpenDotaI should have…I should have no conflicts with this time, I might be 5 minutes late on occasion due to my GF leaving the house
29Dwight Schrute
1667Dotabuff / OpenDotaFree any day…Free any day after 6pm! free all weekends
1653Dotabuff / OpenDotaOnly current…Only current league looking to play in. Can be available for other evenings.