Season 15 Teams

Name (Captain)LogoSeed
5 Normies 1 Weeb12
Anthony Fantano Here? (Xccepted)6
Boog's Prohibition (boog)12
Bootyshakers (Wise)5
Brightside of the Moon (Mr.Brightside)3
BYE (Phase Boots)6
CC and the NaCL's (CC)9
CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF TECHIES (Patience, Jaden Smith Fan)3
Divine 3 btw (Strider)6
Eat Clen, Tren Hard (subject)3
Explosive Habits (Habits)10
Free Palastine (NoOneImportant)11
Genjek's Ganja Guzzling Goons (Snow)9
Goat Squad (Sheep)6
Green With (Envi)3
Kobold Taskmasters (Bubbs)4
Literally No Captain (USSGuam)12
marsh-all mathers (Aegon)8
My Dog Chuck (Flarey)9
NA Pub Simulator (Rainie)6
No Divines Allowed (Autoattacks)4
Nuttybuttys 4.0 (nuttypizza)10
Return of the Wisp (Vynil)8
Sandbag Station (MathMatronaru)13
Suika (Nullagon 初音ミク)3
Team Hydrate (redhq)5
The Aegist Cheese and Whine Club (Watz)1
The Aegist Cheese and Whine Group (Rubity)11
The Girl Kissers (Scrub Spirit)8
The Green Machine (John the Green)2
The Phoenix Player Consortium (Badger)2
Vanilla Loves Oh Boy's Pawpaw (quasar dpa)5
Weeb Slayers (DaywalkeR^)6