Season 15 EST-SUN Players

#NameAvatarRankDotabuff / OpendotaStatementActivity Check?
1Joel Warlord
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaFirst. Support…First. Support player, I played a hard 5 position in S13 and S14, happy to play that role again. Could play 4 as well, and if needed I could offlane.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaWould like to…Would like to play position 4. Please do not draft with players I've played with previously! 5.9k party last season
3Loves Muffins
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am a rd2l…I am a rd2l veteran from season 7. Undefeated in playoffs. I'm willing to take more of a core role on my team for this upcoming season.
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm currently…I'm currently in university, and I generally play Dota 2 because it is a dynamic game that requires thinking, and my goal is to understand/become better at the game while also have fun and make friends in the progress. I can play/scrim during most evenings and weekends.
5Google Crohn's
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaWhat is up my…What is up my dudes, i'm free every day of the week after 9PM except Wednesdays. I'm playing in the mini league currently.
31Dotabuff / OpenDotawilling to…willing to learn and take criticism
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaVery diverse…Very diverse hero pool. I mostly play 4, sometimes 5.
25Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello, I am…Hello, I am available to participate anytime after 7 pm EST on the weekends and 7 pm EST on Wednesdays. Thank you
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaLimited…Limited availability. Not available M/W and some availability other days.
10Oh Boy
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaI can play…I can play Monday-Friday after 6:30pm EST cause of work and anytime Saturday and Sunday.Can play support role and wants to learn. Played last season on Near team.
74Dotabuff / OpenDotastrictly an…strictly an offlane player. happy to scrim often just give time in advance. joined auto in S13 as FA and made playoffs, S14 came top in est sun with mell. tell me ur gonna draft me in advance
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable most…Available most weekdays after 7. Not available Friday nights. Available at most times on weekends. EST Pos 3 player, not active in any other leagues.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy main…My main positions are 3-4, but I've learned to flex to pos 1 & 5 to good success. Pretty versatile hero pool and I'm mechanically sound. I don't shy away from micro heroes. In the last 2 months I went from Legend [1] to Ancient [1] with a pretty diverse hero pool, but I'm gearing up for more learning. Last season was my first season, and I was considered a value 6th pick in both my Wed and Mon teams. If you have any other questions just pm my discord :).
43Dotabuff / OpenDotascrublord…scrublord offlaner here. pretty flexible and can adapt easily. open to flaming from people a higher badge than me.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaWant to be…Want to be drafted to play 1 or 3 by a team that will practice. Not much of a in game shot caller so dont draft me with that expectation.
22Dotabuff / OpenDotaPosition 5…Position 5 support, very PMA, (described as a saint by former captain Xccepted) Looking to continue to improve in my role, and play for a captain and team who are here to have fun, but take the games seriously and learn to synergize well with eachother. I'm also very reliable, and didn't miss any games last season. My hero pool has grown to include most hard support hero's, although WD and CM are still my faves. My MMR is low, but I've been told i'm a value pick?
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am not…I am not participating in other divisions. I hardly ever play ranked, so my MMR/badge has barely changed in the last year or so. I am available to play most nights with zero notice and available pretty much any night if I get a day or two heads up. I am most comfortable on positions 5 and 3, but can play a decent 4 in a 2-1-2 setup. I have a very wide hero pool that I am comfortable on, including pretty much every support hero. Looking forward to a fun season. Why did they limit number of charac
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy real skill…My real skill level is somewhere between my party and solo mmr. If you pick me be prepared to be picking a strength hero in your opening two every game. I only play strongbois. I'm not entirely sure of my availability yet.
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaTypically play…Typically play support since I'm usually the lowest MMR in my stacks. Usually been a 5 player but have been trying to learn 4 as well. I understand how to play most support heroes and if you want me to practice any specifically for your drafting style I'm happy to do that. Just trying to get better.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotapos 5 support…pos 5 support player. Played S13 on Auto's team and S14 on Melliflox's team. I am available to practise most days, but will need to be notified in advanced.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotacurrently in…currently in rd2l mini wide hero pool, willing to play techies, not availiable early in the day or during mondays or thursdays, college student
22Rice Boi(smurf)
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaIf you use…If you use discord and don't pick me invoker every game we will get along well. I am pretty available on weekends but during the week is pretty spotty.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotacarry player…carry player mostly :v play a not dogs shit 5 and i once left my phone in the fridge.
24Vanilla Acoustic
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaparty boosted…party boosted support player, prefer pos 4 > 5 unless roaming/solo offlane comes back
43Dotabuff / OpenDotaLast season I…Last season I played with DongerClose, RS, and Half on Phase's team. The season before that I played with Patience, Ark, LS.ibelieve, and Ec.Drizzit on Jakou's team. Most valuable fourth pick in fantasy season 2. Pma player and always willing to learn.
75Dotabuff / OpenDota4th highest…4th highest fantasy points last season if that counts for something! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaCan make most…Can make most nights with advanced notice, pretty flexible.
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am available…I am available on Sundays in the evening. I play in AD2L on Thursday nights, as well, but I cannot commit too many nights a week to Dota.
72Dotabuff / OpenDota180 ping (bad…180 ping (bad if you plan to make me your most important player), decent player, not a shot caller by nature, if you expect me to solo carry a game, you should rethink your pick kiddo, can play supp too (somewhat decent?)
30swiggity swOOty
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlaying for the…Playing for the lulz = ez win I'll just participate in est-sun. I have played 2 seasons already. Last season I got to top 16, played for Colin. I played as support, but I think I can do better as 1 or 3. I'm friendly I guess
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaI work on…I work on Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 EST. I'll also be starting a business major in September, though I can easily manage a couple hours on a Sunday night to play some DotA.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaI prefer to…I prefer to play support.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotai play dota 2
46Dotabuff / OpenDotaSup player
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaAround many…Around many evenings, I have played rd2l for a while. I am more than capable mid, however I believe I play relatively stronger as a carry. Looking for chill people to stack with. Also comfortable as farming core in the agro dual lane.
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaGOD HWY
37fishy chippy
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaim really good…im really good promise
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaI want to…I want to improve and win. I will do whatever I can for the team that I am on in order to achieve this goal. I would highly prefer mid because I believe I will provide the best results on the role, also I am willing to do anything for the best results with my performance. I will make winning for whatever team I am one of my top priorities in life. I will give it my all.
39For The Thrills
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaFairly…Fairly available to scrim given reasonable notice and would prefer at least one scrim a week
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaNew to RD2L,…New to RD2L, but know a lot of captains/participants and have been active in other amateur leagues in the past (none currently). Available most nights starting 8 EST (if not earlier), including Sundays (otherwise why would I be here). I have played a lot of Dota, AMA.
44Dotabuff / OpenDota
55Dotabuff / OpenDotawas legend 3…was legend 3 pre-recalibaration. 5 carry, 3 mid, 4 offlane, 2 support
62Dotabuff / OpenDotawas able to…was able to become a replacement in season 14 now cause of late registration so now I can officially join a team early on. I am only available Sundays and a random weekday cause of shitty work hours.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaمرحبا أنا فقط…مرحبا أنا فقط ألعب موقف 1. لا أستطيع التحدث باللغة الإنجليزية.
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am not…I am not participating in any other leagues or divisions. I do have Dungeons and Dragons on Friday and Saturday late nights, and may have some conflicts during the days, but am free the Sunday slot and many other times throughout the week.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaIf you draft…If you draft me, I'll be in discord with you drafting the rest of the players (if I'm around). I have a particularly strong character and am very opinionated. I assume I'll go early second so please make sure whoever you drafted first is a core player. You can't bank solely on me to carry a team, it's recipe for shit show.
0Dotabuff / OpenDotaNo position…No position preference, jack of all trades, but garbage hero pool, maybe 2-3 heroes per role. Available most nights 9:00PM EST.
23Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy second…My second season. Made playoffs with gotard last season. Willing to captain if needed this season.
49Alcatraz Swim Team
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaResident…Resident sleeper AM spammer. I have pretty much always played 1 for past teams but I play 5 in my ranked games. Please dont put me 3 or 4, I would rate myself a 3k offlaner.
71Dotabuff / OpenDota
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaI live in MST…I live in MST so anything earlier than 7 or 8 EST is hard for me. Do NOT put me on a team with Octane, Legion, Ilovelife, or yerp - we are friends irl and I just want to kill them. I enjoy long backpack rides as my 6k carries me to easy wins.
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaWeeb slayer …Weeb slayer Not Pudge player
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaavailable most…available most times. willing to play up to position 7.
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaHappy to play…Happy to play whatever position is asked of me. Available any time after 8PM PST on weekdays, free anytime weekends. Will only be playing in EST SUN.
46Dotabuff / OpenDotaI will not be…I will not be participating in any other league besides as a stand in for a friend.
44Dotabuff / OpenDotaI used to be a…I used to be a core player - have been upping my support game. This will be my second RD2L season. I am generally available everyday after 9:00-9:30 to practice/scrim, I just need advance notice. Pretty easygoing and can communicate well - but I do tend to tilt if there is a disrespectful/toxic player in the team.
25Dotabuff / OpenDotaI like to play…I like to play dota, i'm kind of old -- pretty relaxed. 4-5, some 2
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaPos1 PA…Pos1 PA Specialist.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlayed in past…Played in past 3 seasons i think, a season of SEAL can play pretty much whatever
60Izumi <3
72Dotabuff / OpenDota4 player,…4 player, available most evenings, play as often as I can!
61Astolfo Ahegao
24Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm free, like…I'm free, like america, :p I'm only applying for this division
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable every…Available every day after ~7PM EST.
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm available…I'm available most of the days in the week except friday night and thuesday/thursday afternoon I'd like playing more as a pos 5, though I do have some more greedy heroes for position 4 if needed " Im a chill and cool dude, I like playing with my homies. I would prefer playing 5, since that's the role I would like to be known for. I played for colin last season, and we did great" -Written by Mikimo
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaI play 5 days a…I play 5 days a week from Sunday - Thursday. I also captain a team in the PAC Inhouse Community.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotanone
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaNocturnal real…Nocturnal real alpha mammal
66Dotabuff / OpenDotaI play almost…I play almost every night with my friends, I am willing to participate in the league instead. I do not participate in any other leagues.
43Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am fine to…I am fine to play as long as it don't fall within exam schedule, even than its highly unlikely that I will miss.
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaOn and off…On and off player since 2013. Last season was Legend 1, this season has been rough for solo queue... Usually on most weeknights 7:30pm - 10/11pm EST; not available on Tuesday nights. Generally restricted to PM EST playtime b/c have kid that goes to bed at 7pm; earlier time is usually difficult to play.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaFirst time in…First time in the league. I prefer the mid position, but am willing to move around.
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy name is…My name is Osiris and I am a mid 3k player with some casting and competitive experience, mostly as a 1 position and drafter. I am comfortable on Safelane Carry and 4 and 5 spot supports. Should be available for all or almost all of games.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaIm doing school…Im doing school this semester but most of my classes are around noon so i'm free basically anytime after that.
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaIve been…Ive been playing pos 1 in amateur leagues for almost a year and a half, probably closer to 2 years now. Im looking to branch out from the team ive played with for those 2 years, even if its just for this one season. Feel free to message me on discord if you have any questions before the draft, not too sure what else to put here so im sure im forgetting something.
35Dotabuff / OpenDotaI will be…I will be looking to play Sunday nights. This will most likely be the only league I will play in. I have been playing and getting coached as a carry player, which is the position I'd like to play.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotabeen switching…been switching in and out of Sun and Mon. Can play nearly anything... Will play whenever, wherever (we're meant to be together).
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaI work during…I work during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I get home about 7 or 8pm and can play any time after that. Other days I'm almost always free because I have no life -_-
77Tobias Funke
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaI enjoy playing…I enjoy playing Rubik, Disruptor, Vengeful Spirit, Earth Shaker, Lion, and Dazzle. I've played dota since Warcraft 3 days, during TDAllstar, but it wasn't until recently i started to take it more seriously. Not trying to go pro, just trying to improve my mechanical skills.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm available…I'm available every weekday after 7 pm CST, I'm available all day weekends.
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaI've been…I've been playing dota since the warcraft3 times and I took a break in between because of my education and have been back to playing/grinding for the last 2 years. I have developed a positive attitude towards learning from my mistakes and religiously watching BSJ streams and I've climbed my way from 1.1k solo to 3.2k right now. I am still thirsty to learn and showcase my knowledge. I prefer to be a safelane carry, I am however open to playing other positions as required of me.
80Dolphinately Yeezy
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaCasual Dota 2…Casual Dota 2 player. First time doing any league, but excited about this journey. College junior, super chill about anything. Can play any position to relative okay-ness for being a 2.6k player.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaNo other…No other league.
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaWon't be able…Won't be able to scrim mid-weeks, can only play on Sundays. Be warned.
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaI have played…I have played in season 13 and I am willing to play any position
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaOfflane only…Offlane only player, known phoenix spammer but open to play other heroes (seriously don't focus on just 2-3 offlaners, I can do more than that lol). I'm not available fri+sat nights, and would prefer to not stay up past 1 est on week nights. Otherwise, I'm available and have no other commitments. I tend to play best when I can get a strong start in lane and have someone telling me what to do.
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello
86light orange
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaStrongly prefer…Strongly prefer playing mid, followed by carry. Previous competitive experience playing in echoleague. Experience as a captain and drafter. Comfortable being vocal in game and leading when necessary.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaPos 1 only…Pos 1 only player
88Nugget Nick
64Dotabuff / OpenDota
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaDivine 2 Carry…Divine 2 Carry Player, played in teams and inhouses before.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable…Available almost every night
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaTravel during…Travel during the week, available for the official matches on the weekend. I am active and will make all the practices, just sometimes I have to play from the hotel. I feel most comfortable when I am drafting / shot calling. I have the most impact from the 5 spot, but will play any position with a drop off of ability. I prefer a chill team, as I am a delicate flower.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaMmr 6578 rank…Mmr 6578 rank 291
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable most…Available most nights
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaDecent mid…Decent mid player looking to imrpove. I will be available mostly in afternoon (around 6-7pm) and will be available for most scrims. So you are looking for a passionate Dota 2 player, pick me.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'll be…I'll be available for the entire season. This is the only league/division I'll be participating in. Really hoping to improve game sense/play and looking forward to the social aspect of the league as I know I'm on the low end of skill. I'm a support main but I keep telling myself to learn off&mid. I'm at the very least comfortable on most support heroes (not Chen & Io). Jakiro/Bane/Shaman are my strongest supps but I'm willing to play a lot more. Looking forward to my first RD2L season ^.^
73Dotabuff / OpenDotadunno what what…dunno what what a statement should be Timezone is CST Available tue-thurs 4pm-whenever, and most of the day on sat-mon
33Dotabuff / OpenDotaI may have to…I may have to miss one or two games when midterm season rolls around, but I should be able to play most of the time. It's hard for me to know exactly how many scrims I can play a week until classes start and I can gauge my workload. (Also I swear my mmr used to be marginally higher)
98Ranged Creep
45Dotabuff / OpenDota
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaI mainly play…I mainly play safelane farming cores but also like to play timber, od, weaver, necro, and other "odd" safelaners. I can also flex into mid if needs be such as a last pick kunka. I'm available most days
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaMade it to…Made it to playoffs last season with team Melliflox. Top seed in EST-SUN last season as well. Very versatile player willing to play many different roles depending on the game. Looking to primarily play offlane. Will be taking a break from dota until the start of the next season (Except for battlecup games) so my dotabuff will be looking quite sparce. Once season starts I'll be back into it. GET IN CONTACT WITH ME IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON DRAFTING ME. NICE TEXT LIMIT
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaFirst time…First time taking part in Reddit league. Have past experience in different semi-pro teams.
102The Rev
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable…Available always as long as informed ahead of time. Can play entire Dota roster. Competitive experience.
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaThis is the…This is the only league/division I'm participating in. I might have limited availability at the start of September but by mid September I'll be fully available.
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
105Wumpertits the Kitten
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaNo other…No other commitments
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaBehold Vladmir.…Behold Vladmir. In my claws, Roshan is undone.
107pingu ❤
80Dotabuff / OpenDotadunno ruffneck…dunno ruffneck wanted me to signup lol!
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaI don't really…I don't really play Dota as much anymore but I still do enjoy the competition. Long-time rd2l veteran, apparently a toxic player. Ok with carry or support.
109Blue Eyes White Privilege
71Dotabuff / OpenDota
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaWork with any…Work with any role.
71Dotabuff / OpenDota
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
74Dotabuff / OpenDota
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaErreday
115Wizard of Chaos
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaPretty much…Pretty much plan on being available for all sundays. No other commitments. First time in RD2L. Most comfortable on offlane and control heroes in general.
116Katsuki Bakugo
64Dotabuff / OpenDota
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaI can play…I can play play/scrim everyday except Saturday nights after 5pm(anytime before 5pm est is fine) and Sunday afternoons(any time after 4pm est is fine). Currently I would only like to play support 4/5/walking ward/living clarity is fine. I would like to become a better player at this game if possible.
118Ricers hates dotes
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaPick me and ill…Pick me and ill carry you unless i throw its a real tossup which happens
44Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am funny…I am funny memer, love to meme, waiting for my prince in shining armor to take me :)
120The Chupacabraj
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaLET ME PLAY…LET ME PLAY SUPPORT OR ROAM. I promise to never flame.
35Dotabuff / OpenDotaThis would be…This would be my first league. I'm a positive person, who listens for instruction and is trying to get better, win more, and learn new heroes. I like playing position 4/5 supports a lot and adjusting itemization to keep cores alive and win team fights, and make sacrifice plays to aid in escapes. Playing pubs in guardian bracket is sort of a disaster, so I'm looking forward to playing some DotA and learning a lot.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaUsually play a…Usually play a 4 support, but am comfortable playing 1, 3, or 5. I work 7-5 M-F and available most evenings. I've captained in the past but want to just be a player this season.
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am Milk.…I am Milk. Lacking Cookies Feelsbadman. I am able to play games at almost anytime if you let me know before hand.
125I Want Wind to Blow
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello.
41Dotabuff / OpenDotaigbiyuiybibgyub…igbiyuiybibgyubbgbbbbybuubygbuy :)
35Dotabuff / OpenDotaI will be here…I will be here for all games as far as I know. I'm available for practice most nights. Specifics are sketchy, since i work retail.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaspace taker…space taker might miss a few weeks due to wonky scedule
43Dotabuff / OpenDotaThis is my…This is my third season on RD2L. I am a very communicative player and able to adjust to different team play styles. Mainly like to play support in RD2L and try to learn and improve my game from higher skill players. Just came back from TI8 and shook hands with past TI winners and met a lot of pro players so hopefully some of their skill rubbed off on me. :) my last season's captain's review
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaPrimarily pos 1…Primarily pos 1 player, also proficient at 5. 80 ping avg US server, am euro. dont pick me with toxic players, dont pick me if youre not willing to tryhard can draft/shotcall
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaTreant/Invoker/…Treant/Invoker/Windrunner spammer turned mid player looking to expand hero pool. Availability for scrims/pubs would vary a little week to week but available most nights. I may miss a couple of weeks due to work. I haven't been asked to work on a sunday night in months but it's possible. Will get less likely as season goes on as we're getting into slow season.
132Piss Salesman
72Dotabuff / OpenDota
63Dotabuff / OpenDotacan play…can play anything most preferably core; went by raul last season
134腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaMid player on…Mid player on the contingency that I get to play safelane if they ban out all my heroes. Make sure to pick a token carry player that plays Viper Dk. Big time invoker player. CONTACT ME IF YOU PLAN ON PICKING ME TY
67Dotabuff / OpenDotaHey guys! I…Hey guys! I just got back from a summer abroad and im getting back in to dota. I am a primarily core player. I was recommended this league and im excited to play!
54Dotabuff / OpenDota
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot available…Not available Thursday night or Saturday night. Rest of the week will be variable but I should be available.
66Dotabuff / OpenDotaAny day after…Any day after 7, anytime sunday
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaBig nerd who…Big nerd who plays support
65Dotabuff / OpenDota40+ hour a week…40+ hour a week job and full time student. Not sure how often I can scrim but I will be available on game nights at the least. Offlane. Don't 2nd round me ty.
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlaying in EST,…Playing in EST, will be free every sunday at 9
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaearth spirit…earth spirit player here
64Dotabuff / OpenDotapls pick me if…pls pick me if ur gonna practice a lot as a team otherwise pls dont
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaNo other…No other leagues
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaAll the other…All the other accounts that I use 129555819 349005080 102235325 345621104
148iTzPat #Recovery- #amp
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'll be…I'll be attending school. I will not be working sunday nights and will try to dedicate this league for sundays.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaPrefer pos 4 or…Prefer pos 4 or 5, but can adapt wherever I'm needed; looking forward to a good season :)
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot available…Not available Tues/Thurs. Available other days for practice if needed
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaSupport player…Support player here. Can play offlane if necessary. Only signing up for EST-Sun. Solo queue account:
152space dendi
65Dotabuff / OpenDotalet's have fun…let's have fun or something
153Tallballz #Mac
42Dotabuff / OpenDota… Available pretty much whenever!
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaPositive vibes…Positive vibes only. Moving from est-mon to chinese retirement to est-sun. I'm better at and prefer to play support but I can play core if needed. I likely wont be playing much aside from officials on sundays but I'll make time for a scrim once a week
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaWill be…Will be available 95% of sundays (aiming for 100%), will be online most weekdays after 5 pm for practice/skrims.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotai can be your…i can be your mid or carry carry is better than my mid but if it happened and i got picked to be mid player i will do my best to be very good at it.
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
158Steven Loreson
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am free most…I am free most nights during the week. Not in any other division.
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaMaking a…Making a comeback to some competitive dota. Played est sun some seasons ago with a very decent run. Somewhat talkative during game and like talking about the game and strategy a lot.
61Dotabuff / OpenDotacant monday…cant monday tuesday wednesday friday
54Dotabuff / OpenDotai WILL throw…i WILL throw any and ever significant lead
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaim disabled
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlay dota; Win…Play dota; Win dota. Only player to ever win a match by tipping opponents into forfeiting.
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi, I recently…Hi, I recently got back into RD2L and Dota, used to play here way back as Harvey Dent. I will most likely be available every sunday. PMA, currently playing on my second account (archon 3). Always looking to improve.
65Dotabuff / OpenDota
166Jackie Chen
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaNone
167Absolute Unit
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaPos 1 player, I…Pos 1 player, I don't play that much ranked nowadays but looking for something competitive. I can play just about any carry. Here to improve my game and learn from players better than me, and help out whoever needs it!
55Dotabuff / OpenDota
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaPosition 5/1…Position 5/1 player
66Dotabuff / OpenDotaI do not play…I do not play on any other league and tournaments. I usually play pos 1 or pos 3. I'm not confortable to play pos 2 ,3 ,4
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable to…Available to play basically any day.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi , my name is…Hi , my name is Desperado, I am a player who is passionate about Dota and I am looking to expand my game knowledge and mechanical skills to ultimately become a professional player.
61Dotabuff / OpenDota
174Hope Bones5
45Dotabuff / OpenDotapretty chill…pretty chill dude but generally low skill, mainly in legend ish tier :/, well versed in most heros and not toxic.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotahey all!…hey all! flexible hero pool position 1 player. im canadian so expect the least toxicity u have ever seen. and then -100 toxicity levels. always available at this time period, may not be able to use voice on rare occasions due to university residence shenanigans.
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaME good oFFLANE
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaI just want to…I just want to play some good Dota 2 and improve, I just got onto my colleges Dota 2 team and want an extra area to practice in.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlay pos 1…Play pos 1 mostly, but also good with pos 4/5. Willing to scrim 1-3 times a week. Work Mon-Fri 8-5, wife is pretty lenient with me playing dota so Id be able to scrim on short notice (most of the time)
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaFirst time…First time participant, played since early, early DOTA 1. Friends and I play serious 5 man ranked stacks whenever possible, looking to take that to the next level and have some fun!
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaHello I am Ryan…Hello I am Ryan I'm currently trying to get a little more competitive with DoTA 2 as I find the battlecups really fun to play with 5 stacks,So my goal is to get better at DoTA2 and try and get more tournament experience so I can understand the game more. I usually play offlane but also enjoy position 4 and 5 My favorite hero is WindRanger even though im not really the best at WindRanger my close second and third are Axe and Techies. I will most likely play in the EST-SUN and PST-FRI (FLEX)
55Dotabuff / OpenDotano other league…no other league have played in ad2l b4
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy experience…My experience in solo ranked is mostly as a 4 or 5, though I've played my share of all roles (over 4k games and my most played hero has 105 games). I also play a lot of party games with my friends and my wife who also plays. Those games average between 3k and 4k MMR, and I usually play 1 or 3 in those. I've played enough mid to be serviceable, but I don't play it regularly. I should be pretty available for the whole season, and am comfortable drafting.
62Dotabuff / OpenDota
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am available…I am available to play M-F anytime after 5:30 PM EST and anytime during the weekends. Occasionally more frequently. Hype :)
73Dotabuff / OpenDota
63Dotabuff / OpenDotalooking to play…looking to play in a team oriented environment. i am looking to play seriously so i will probably attempt to make every match.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaOnly available…Only available weeknights at 10 est
77Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm an immortal…I'm an immortal player, comfortable with playing as a core. Preferably POS 1 or 3. Been playing dota for about 7+ years. Also, my dotabuff is messed up as i had expose match data turned off for years. Hit me up if you're interested.
24Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am available…I am available all week and can make any practices, scrimmages, etc. I am open to constructive criticism and am a team player.
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaDown to earth,…Down to earth, chill, team player. I can play every position competently but would prefer 3 or 4.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaI used to play…I used to play Dota a little but I've recently been getting back into it. Looking to learn and do my best! Only recently calibrated and landed at Legend V which seems to be the max you can calibrate at as a new player. Comfortable with most roles, hero pool could be a bit better though. Free most of the time besides recording/going to the gym.
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaSup, this will…Sup, this will be my second season switching from EST-Mon+Wed to just Sun because I will be starting a new job halfway through season, played 5 last season. I can play any role besides 4 tbh, but my main role is 1 I'm willing to spam my assigned role in ranked games this season as well.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi, I'm joker.
0Dotabuff / OpenDota
64Dotabuff / OpenDota
65Dotabuff / OpenDota