EST-SUN Season 15 Week 9 Standings

PlaceName (Captain)LogoWinsLossesTiebreaker
1NA Pub Simulator (Rainie)13373
2Kobold Taskmasters (Bubbs)13369
3JBAITED (JBay7)12457
4Green With (Envi)10668
5Explosive Habits (Habits)10664
6Boog's Prohibition (boog)10662
7Nuttybuttys 4.0 (nuttypizza)10660
8Literally No Captain (USSGuam)10654
9Bootyshakers (Wise)9773
10CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF TECHIES (Patience, Jaden Smith Fan)9765
11Anthony Fantano Here? (Xccepted)9758
12Vanilla Loves Oh Boy's Pawpaw (quasar dpa)9758
13The Phoenix Player Consortium (Badger)9752
14Eat Clen, Tren Hard (subject)8869
15Team Hydrate (redhq)8867
16Return of the Wisp (Vynil)8865
17Divine 3 btw (Strider)8858
18Goat Squad (Sheep)8854
-The Aegist Cheese and Whine Group (Rubity)8443
19marsh-all mathers (Aegon)7955
20The Aegist Cheese and Whine Club (Watz)7954
21Sandbag Station (MathMatronaru)7949
22Brightside of the Moon (Mr.Brightside)7945
23CC and the NaCL's (CC)7944
24Genjek's Ganja Guzzling Goons (Snow)7935
25Weeb Slayers (DaywalkeR^)61053
265 Normies 1 Weeb61050
27No Divines Allowed (Autoattacks)61046
28My Dog Chuck (Flarey)61045
29Free Palastine (NoOneImportant)61043
-Suika (Nullagon 初音ミク)4843
-The Green Machine (John the Green)21036
-The Girl Kissers (Scrub Spirit)1515
-BYE (Phase Boots)046