Season 14 Teams

Name (Captain)LogoSeed
4 Pants and 1 Zipper (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)20
5 baboons 1 yeti (Cloudy)9
A Bunch of W33tards (HullCity07)26
Anthony Fantano Here! (Xccepted)17
Bend over for the Clock (Shea Dr.)31
Big Billy's Bulging Banana Boys (Badger)32
Cloud 10 (TheJohan)1
Colin and his Illegitimate Sons (Colin)8
Crystal Madden (Ec.drizzit)7
Deja Vu! (ChiD)22
Emilio Esteveeesstehves (DARERFANGAY)23
Flox n' Furies (Melliflox)29
Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the Sky (CAPTAIN GOTARD)12
> Game is hard (PaprikaCC the cutest kitten~)6
HIT IT& CRIT IT (腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄)35
IKEA (skkip)33
It's not a Phase, Mom (Phase.)34
LULagon and The Infinity Pebbles (Nullagon 初音ミク)19
nuttybuttys 3.0 (nuttypizza)5
PMA Gaming (USSGuam)15
Preparation HHH (Dergo)30
raul money crew (raul)16
Real United FC Reddit Dota Two Club (Killerkarate)13
RedondO Mid LMFAO (RedondO)28
Special Scoopa Sauce (g-money )21
Stay Pawsitive (fspoon)4
Strider and the Archons (Cooper)10
TEAM Reester (Dark Smoke)18
TEAM STARBOY (Starboy)14
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test (pacer)11
The Wisp Strikes Back (Vynil)3
Traps Aren't Gay (Zypher)24
Vikings (Mikel)25