Season 14 EST-SUN Captains

#NameAvatarCore MMRSupport MMRDotabuff / OpendotaStatement
62306174Dotabuff / OpenDotakeeping it pma…keeping it pma keeping it bsj
2腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄
06214Dotabuff / OpenDota
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaCarry (preferre…Carry (preferred) or mid player. Playing from EU but also played last season so sort of used to ping. Currently 5.9k party mmr, I do not play solo on my main. I sometimes play on my smurf: Mikel + Badger package deal TY
53855977Dotabuff / OpenDotaI play fill
57005600Dotabuff / OpenDotaa position 1…a position 1 player. i want to be drafted by a captain who wants to win it all. do not draft me if your only goal is to make it to playoffs.
44185480Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm almost…I'm almost always available in the evenings. I plan on drafting a team that is available to play casually at least once every day. Solo mmr is higher than the 5480 showing, not sure where that number is being pulled from.
55575545Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi I'll play 3,…Hi I'll play 3, 4, or 5. If I need to I can play 1 at a high enough level to make it work. If you really really need me to, I can try to learn mid and I'll figure it out. I take dota pretty seriously so I'd like to get on a team that practices somewhat regularly and tries to win every week.
8Shea Dr.
50005000Dotabuff / OpenDota
05000Dotabuff / OpenDota
00Dotabuff / OpenDota4.7 Poggers…4.7 Poggers Carry player
11Nullagon 初音ミク
04736Dotabuff / OpenDotaIn cet wed too,…In cet wed too, but il b able to show up 100% of the time
04713Dotabuff / OpenDota
13`Zphyr AKA Zipper
04568Dotabuff / OpenDotaOfflaner :^)…Offlaner :^) Can draft. Should be available every night. Very vocal; can shot call. My past 2 seasons have had me be the only one talking >80% of the time, and while I've loved my teams, that's the one part of each season I couldn't stand. Please don't draft me if I'm gonna be monologue-ing every time we play. I'm gonna lose my mind talking to myself.
46574639Dotabuff / OpenDota3 or 4 player,…3 or 4 player, typically go 2nd or 3rd round. Prefer chill teams that stack a bunch.
00Dotabuff / OpenDotasupport player;…support player; can play whatever if need be; can play whenever
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaofflane player
17Dark Smoke
41553981Dotabuff / OpenDota
38363836Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlayed 3…Played 3 previous EST-Mon & Sun seasons. Willing to scrim/pub 2-3 nights a week. Looking for team that will practice a bit. Flexible on roles.
40774268Dotabuff / OpenDotaOpen almost…Open almost every night, it's really a week to week thing, play offlane, 5th season of rd2l
40823945Dotabuff / OpenDota4th season,…4th season, captained last season. Play 3 or 5.
25773240Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlayed 5 on…Played 5 on nuttypizzas team last season with dark and NEAR god. Prefer playing position 5 but can fill position 3 or 4 as well. Have a very diverse hero pool from standard supports like disruptor and we to less common supports like io and Chen (both at 50% winrate plus). Will likely be playing flex division as well. Medal is now Legend 0.
03058Dotabuff / OpenDotaComfortable…Comfortable playing any position except 2. I work 8-5 M-F, and am able to scrim in the evenings as long as there is some advanced notice. I'd prefer to scrim as much as possible, and just love playing some good dota.
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaDecent position…Decent position 5 player that captained in season 13. Made it to playoffs and desiring to captain another team to hopefully another round of playoffs. I'll adapt to whatever the safelaner needs or if the 5 needs to aid other lanes I'll go there. Trying to have fun and win. Vengeful, Witch, CM, Disruptor, AA, Naga, and Lion are my main 5s. I play mid in pubs but RD2L rules state that no <4K players can enter the middle lane, so I play 5 for RD2L teams.
30672973Dotabuff / OpenDotaRD2L EST-SUN/MO…RD2L EST-SUN/MON/Mini veteran. Have previously played mostly 5 position, but have also on occasion played other roles. Preferred roles are 3 and 5.
00Dotabuff / OpenDota
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaNights After…Nights After 7pm
00Dotabuff / OpenDota
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaAdaptable…Adaptable player, will play most roles. Mainly play 1,3,4 roles.
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaI likeezz to…I likeezz to play carry really bad at support but have played last couple seasons
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaSolo 3400, can…Solo 3400, can play pos 3-5, looking forward to working with people and getting better. Can play viper mid in a pinch
00Dotabuff / OpenDotai will be down…i will be down to play 1-3 this season , don't expect much ty.
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlease draft me…Please draft me for safe lane carry, I'm very bad at mid lane.
33PaprikaCC the cutest kitten~
00Dotabuff / OpenDotaSeevil says I…Seevil says I can get to Ancient 2. Only plays Brewmaster or Slark and Meepo.
00Dotabuff / OpenDota 4.3k Ancient 2… 4.3k Ancient 2 player. I play pos 4 mainly but i can pos 5 or 3 if absolutely necessary. I play in Echo league NA-B and AD2L heroic league so I have some competitive experience. I'm available on Sunday nights during this time of year so I shouldn't have any scheduling issues. Looking for a relaxed but competitive environment.
00Dotabuff / OpenDota