EST-SUN Season 14 Series

WeekHome Team NameHome Team LogoHome Team PointsAway Team PointsAway Team LogoAway Team NameMatch 1Match 2Forfeit Match 1?Forfeit Match 2?
8It's not a Phase, Mom (Phase.)11IKEALinkLinkNoneNone
8Flox n' Furies (null)20STACK AND PULLLinkLinkNoneNone
8Anthony Fantano Here! (Xccepted)20Bend over for the ClockLinkLinkNoneNone
8Emilio Esteveeesstehves (DARERFANGAY)11Traps Aren't GayLinkLinkNoneNone
85 baboons 1 yeti (Cloudy)11Big Billy's Bulging Banana BoysN/ALinkNoneNone
8LULagon and The Infinity Pebbles (Nullagon 初音ミク)02Deja Vu!LinkLinkNoneNone
8HIT IT& CRIT IT (腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄)20nuttybuttys 3.0LinkLinkNoneNone
8Special Scoopa Sauce (g-money )11TEAM ReesterLinkLinkNoneNone
8Vikings (Mikel)20Colin and his Illegitimate SonsLinkLinkNoneNone
8Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the Sky (CAPTAIN GOTARD)114 Pants and 1 ZipperN/AN/ANoneNone
8Preparation HHH (null)20Cloud 10N/AN/AAwayAway
8PMA Gaming (USSGuam)20The FitnessGram™ Pacer TestLinkLinkNoneNone
8Strider and the Archons (Cooper)11> Game is hardLinkN/ANoneNone
8WEAPONIZE AUTISM (Econ)20Real United FC Reddit Dota Two ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
8The Wisp Strikes Back (Vynil)20Crystal MaddenLinkLinkNoneNone
7Bend over for the Clock (Shea Dr.)02STACK AND PULLLinkLinkNoneNone
7It's not a Phase, Mom (Phase.)20Emilio EsteveeesstehvesLinkLinkNoneNone
7HIT IT& CRIT IT (腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄)20Special Scoopa SauceLinkLinkNoneNone
7LULagon and The Infinity Pebbles (Nullagon 初音ミク)11IKEALinkLinkNoneNone
7Flox n' Furies (null)20Anthony Fantano Here!LinkLinkNoneNone
7The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test (pacer)20Big Billy's Bulging Banana BoysLinkLinkNoneNone
7TEAM Reester (Dark Smoke)11Traps Aren't GayLinkLinkNoneNone
7Preparation HHH (null)02Strider and the ArchonsN/AN/AHomeHome
7Deja Vu! (ChiD)20PMA GamingLinkLinkNoneNone
7Vikings (Mikel)11nuttybuttys 3.0LinkLinkNoneNone
74 Pants and 1 Zipper (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)20WEAPONIZE AUTISMLinkLinkNoneNone
7Colin and his Illegitimate Sons (Colin)20Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the SkyLinkLinkNoneNone
7Real United FC Reddit Dota Two Club (Killerkarate)11Crystal MaddenLinkLinkNoneNone
7> Game is hard (null)205 baboons 1 yetiLinkLinkNoneNone
7Cloud 10 (TheJohan)02The Wisp Strikes BackLinkN/ANoneHome
6Special Scoopa Sauce (g-money )11It's not a Phase, MomLinkLinkNoneNone
6Vikings (Mikel)02Flox n' FuriesLinkLinkNoneNone
6Anthony Fantano Here! (Xccepted)20RedondO Mid LMFAOLinkN/ANoneAway
6IKEA (skkip)11Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the SkyLinkLinkNoneNone
6HIT IT& CRIT IT (腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄)205 baboons 1 yetiN/AN/AAwayAway
64 Pants and 1 Zipper (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)11Deja Vu!LinkLinkNoneNone
6Bend over for the Clock (Shea Dr.)11Colin and his Illegitimate SonsLinkLinkNoneNone
6Big Billy's Bulging Banana Boys (Badger)11Crystal MaddenLinkLinkNoneNone
6Traps Aren't Gay (Zypher)11PMA GamingLinkLinkNoneNone
6Emilio Esteveeesstehves (DARERFANGAY)20Real United FC Reddit Dota Two ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
6The Wisp Strikes Back (Vynil)11Preparation HHHLinkLinkNoneNone
6nuttybuttys 3.0 (nuttypizza)20STACK AND PULLLinkLinkNoneNone
6Strider and the Archons (Cooper)20raul money crewLinkLinkNoneNone
6> Game is hard (null)02LULagon and The Infinity PebblesLinkLinkNoneNone
6TEAM Reester (Dark Smoke)20Cloud 10LinkLinkNoneNone
6The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test (pacer)02WEAPONIZE AUTISMLinkLinkNoneNone
5Preparation HHH (null)02Big Billy's Bulging Banana BoysLinkLinkNoneNone
5IKEA (skkip)02VikingsLinkLinkNoneNone
5RedondO Mid LMFAO (RedondO)11Special Scoopa SauceLinkLinkNoneNone
5It's not a Phase, Mom (Phase.)20The FitnessGram™ Pacer TestLinkLinkNoneNone
5Bend over for the Clock (Shea Dr.)11Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the SkyN/AN/ANoneNone
5Emilio Esteveeesstehves (DARERFANGAY)02Anthony Fantano Here!LinkLinkNoneNone
54 Pants and 1 Zipper (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)11LULagon and The Infinity PebblesLinkLinkNoneNone
5Real United FC Reddit Dota Two Club (Killerkarate)11Traps Aren't GayLinkLinkNoneNone
5Flox n' Furies (null)20nuttybuttys 3.0LinkLinkNoneNone
5TEAM Reester (Dark Smoke)11raul money crewLinkLinkNoneNone
5Deja Vu! (ChiD)02Colin and his Illegitimate SonsLinkLinkNoneNone
5> Game is hard (null)11PMA GamingLinkLinkNoneNone
55 baboons 1 yeti (Cloudy)20Strider and the ArchonsLinkLinkNoneNone
5Cloud 10 (TheJohan)11Crystal MaddenLinkLinkNoneNone
5The Wisp Strikes Back (Vynil)02WEAPONIZE AUTISMLinkLinkNoneNone
4HIT IT& CRIT IT (腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄)02Flox n' FuriesLinkLinkNoneNone
4RedondO Mid LMFAO (RedondO)02VikingsLinkLinkNoneNone
4TEAM Reester (Dark Smoke)11Big Billy's Bulging Banana BoysLinkLinkNoneNone
4Special Scoopa Sauce (g-money )11Deja Vu!LinkLinkNoneNone
4Preparation HHH (null)02The FitnessGram™ Pacer TestLinkLinkNoneNone
4nuttybuttys 3.0 (nuttypizza)20It's not a Phase, MomLinkLinkNoneNone
44 Pants and 1 Zipper (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)11Anthony Fantano Here!LinkLinkNoneNone
4Bend over for the Clock (Shea Dr.)20> Game is hardLinkLinkNoneNone
45 baboons 1 yeti (Cloudy)02Emilio EsteveeesstehvesLinkLinkNoneNone
4Real United FC Reddit Dota Two Club (Killerkarate)11LULagon and The Infinity PebblesLinkLinkNoneNone
4Traps Aren't Gay (Zypher)20Cloud 10N/AN/AAwayAway
4raul money crew (raul)11Crystal MaddenLinkLinkNoneNone
4Colin and his Illegitimate Sons (Colin)20Strider and the ArchonsLinkLinkNoneNone
4WEAPONIZE AUTISM (Econ)02PMA GamingLinkLinkNoneNone
4The Wisp Strikes Back (Vynil)02Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the SkyLinkLinkNoneNone
3IKEA (skkip)11Flox n' FuriesLinkLinkNoneNone
3Traps Aren't Gay (Zypher)02It's not a Phase, MomLinkLinkNoneNone
3HIT IT& CRIT IT (腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座 黄)20LULagon and The Infinity PebblesLinkLinkNoneNone
3Bend over for the Clock (Shea Dr.)20TEAM ReesterLinkN/ANoneAway
3Special Scoopa Sauce (g-money )02STACK AND PULLN/AN/AHomeHome
3Vikings (Mikel)204 Pants and 1 ZipperLinkLinkNoneNone
3Preparation HHH (null)11Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the SkyLinkLinkNoneNone
3RedondO Mid LMFAO (RedondO)20Colin and his Illegitimate SonsLinkLinkNoneNone
3Big Billy's Bulging Banana Boys (Badger)02WEAPONIZE AUTISMLinkLinkNoneNone
3A Bunch of W33tards (HullCity07)11Crystal MaddenLinkN/ANoneNone
3PMA Gaming (USSGuam)11raul money crewLinkLinkNoneNone
3Emilio Esteveeesstehves (DARERFANGAY)20Stay PawsitiveN/AN/AAwayAway
3Anthony Fantano Here! (Xccepted)115 baboons 1 yetiLinkLinkNoneNone
3Deja Vu! (ChiD)20Cloud 10LinkLinkNoneNone
3nuttybuttys 3.0 (nuttypizza)20Real United FC Reddit Dota Two ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
3The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test (pacer)02> Game is hardLinkLinkNoneNone
3Strider and the Archons (Cooper)11The Wisp Strikes BackLinkLinkNoneNone
2It's not a Phase, Mom (Phase.)20Big Billy's Bulging Banana BoysLinkLinkNoneNone
2Vikings (Mikel)11HIT IT& CRIT ITLinkLinkNoneNone
2A Bunch of W33tards (HullCity07)02Bend over for the ClockLinkN/ANoneHome
2Deja Vu! (ChiD)02IKEALinkLinkNoneNone
2Traps Aren't Gay (Zypher)02Special Scoopa SauceLinkLinkNoneNone
24 Pants and 1 Zipper (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)20Emilio EsteveeesstehvesLinkLinkNoneNone
2Colin and his Illegitimate Sons (Colin)20Preparation HHHLinkLinkNoneNone
2TEAM Reester (Dark Smoke)11Anthony Fantano Here!LinkLinkNoneNone
2RedondO Mid LMFAO (RedondO)11nuttybuttys 3.0LinkLinkNoneNone
2Flox n' Furies (null)20Cloud 10LinkLinkNoneNone
2STACK AND PULL (NEAR)20The Wisp Strikes BackLinkLinkNoneNone
2Real United FC Reddit Dota Two Club (Killerkarate)20PMA GamingLinkLinkNoneNone
2raul money crew (raul)025 baboons 1 yetiN/AN/AHomeHome
2LULagon and The Infinity Pebbles (Nullagon 初音ミク)20Stay PawsitiveN/AN/AAwayAway
2The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test (pacer)11Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the SkyLinkLinkNoneNone
2Strider and the Archons (Cooper)20Crystal MaddenLinkN/ANoneNone
2WEAPONIZE AUTISM (Econ)02> Game is hardLinkLinkNoneNone
1Foreskin: A Screaming Comes Across the Sky (CAPTAIN GOTARD)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
1Bend over for the Clock (Shea Dr.)02IKEALinkLinkNoneNone
1RedondO Mid LMFAO (RedondO)20It's not a Phase, MomLinkLinkNoneNone
1Flox n' Furies (null)20A Bunch of W33tardsLinkLinkNoneNone
14 Pants and 1 Zipper (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)11Preparation HHHLinkN/ANoneNone
1Special Scoopa Sauce (g-money )20raul money crewLinkLinkNoneNone
1Traps Aren't Gay (Zypher)20Strider and the ArchonsLinkLinkNoneNone
1Cloud 10 (TheJohan)20Big Billy's Bulging Banana BoysLinkLinkNoneNone
1PMA Gaming (USSGuam)11TEAM ReesterLinkLinkNoneNone
1Emilio Esteveeesstehves (DARERFANGAY)11Colin and his Illegitimate SonsLinkLinkNoneNone
1Vikings (Mikel)20> Game is hardLinkLinkNoneNone
1Anthony Fantano Here! (Xccepted)11Real United FC Reddit Dota Two ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
1LULagon and The Infinity Pebbles (Nullagon 初音ミク)11The FitnessGram™ Pacer TestLinkLinkNoneNone
1Deja Vu! (ChiD)20Crystal MaddenLinkLinkNoneNone
1nuttybuttys 3.0 (nuttypizza)205 baboons 1 yetiLinkN/ANoneNone
1The Wisp Strikes Back (Vynil)11Stay PawsitiveLinkLinkNoneNone