Season 17 Teams

Name (Captain)LogoSeed
4 Normies 1 Weeb (offlane to immortal)62
Akiri (Akiri)187
Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (J0RV3)151
Big Booty Barathrum (McSnazzi)270
Bobby Skeet and the Tools (PMA Bobby with that tool)129
Can't Deny (Vinny)150
Coahre (Coahre)244
DickButts (KOBE)130
Erock's Elites (Erock)376
Flood to God (Poulet.@Poulet)269
Guinea Pigs in Paris (Cuzi)212
I'm De Captain Now (i hit random)183
Judgemental Jotaro (doss)374
Jurassic Slarks (Gotne)231
Knight Gaming Team Solar (SilverPike)273
Morton Salt Company (chance)175
Mother Ducking Dogs (Logical)293
Nera + 4 (Holo)33
New Alliance (Jon)31
New Meta Pod Squad (ComeDineWithMe)292
No Shaman (Jmlv96)250
Overrated (Artorius)250
Overwhelmed Virgin Face (Michael J Jackson)246
Pepega Police (Onetwenty7)183
Pottis Defence Force (pipealex)200
She Succ Me (Leyroy Jenkinz)276
Snails Like Team Spirit (Funzo)397
Sneaky Sneks (LLDota)238
Team Double Down (iNuzzle)248
Team Excellence TBH (Mattjoman)175
Team Non Toxic (skkip)147
Team Special (No.9)320
Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork (Sonnegod Sadboy)6
TheEmir47 (TheEmir47)127
The Feed Stack (Matieu)30
The Grief Stack (thamaestro)27
:ti4silver: (Breakable)189
Toronto Raptors (Patience)374
Ultra Griefed Team (NEAR)58
Unintentional Griefers (Nephilim)300
Who Let Mao Captain Again (mao)140