EST-MON Season 17 Week 9 Standings

PlaceName (Captain)LogoWinsLossesTiebreaker
1Guinea Pigs in Paris (Cuzi)14271
2The Feed Stack (Matieu)12473
3The Grief Stack (thamaestro)12473
4Judgemental Jotaro (doss)11570
5Pepega Police (Onetwenty7)11549
6Erock's Elites (Erock)10664
7Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (J0RV3)10658
8Toronto Raptors (Patience)9769
9Team Double Down (iNuzzle)9768
10Bobby Skeet and the Tools (PMA Bobby with that tool)9766
11Mother Ducking Dogs (Logical)9765
12Sneaky Sneks (LLDota)9763
13Team Excellence TBH (Mattjoman)9762
14Nera + 4 (Holo)9762
15Snails Like Team Spirit (Funzo)9760
16Team Non Toxic (skkip)9758
17Who Let Mao Captain Again (mao)9754
18Team Special (No.9)9747
19Overrated (Artorius)8871
20Knight Gaming Team Solar (SilverPike)8863
21Ultra Griefed Team (NEAR)8863
22Can't Deny (Vinny)8862
23Unintentional Griefers (Nephilim)8861
24She Succ Me (Leyroy Jenkinz)8861
25:ti4silver: (Breakable)8856
26I'm De Captain Now (i hit random)8850
27DickButts (KOBE)7963
284 Normies 1 Weeb (offlane to immortal)7959
29Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork (Sonnegod Sadboy)7957
30New Meta Pod Squad (ComeDineWithMe)7955
31Jurassic Slarks (Gotne)7939
32No Shaman (Jmlv96)7933
33Overwhelmed Virgin Face (Michael J Jackson)61052
34New Alliance (Jon)61052
35Akiri (Akiri)61036
36Big Booty Barathrum (McSnazzi)51144
37Coahre (Coahre)51144
-Morton Salt Company (chance)3735
-TheEmir47 (TheEmir47)2829
-Flood to God (Poulet.@Poulet)2625
-Pottis Defence Force (pipealex)2823