EST-MON Season 17 Week 9 Matchups

Home TeamAway Team
Guinea Pigs in Paris (Cuzi)Pepega Police (Onetwenty7)
The Feed Stack (Matieu)Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (J0RV3)
The Grief Stack (thamaestro)Erock's Elites (Erock)
Judgemental Jotaro (doss)Bobby Skeet and the Tools (PMA Bobby with that tool)
Toronto Raptors (Patience)Nera + 4 (Holo)
Team Double Down (iNuzzle)Who Let Mao Captain Again (mao)
Mother Ducking Dogs (Logical)Team Non Toxic (skkip)
Sneaky Sneks (LLDota)Team Special (No.9)
Team Excellence TBH (Mattjoman)Snails Like Team Spirit (Funzo)
Overrated (Artorius)Unintentional Griefers (Nephilim)
Knight Gaming Team Solar (SilverPike)She Succ Me (Leyroy Jenkinz)
Ultra Griefed Team (NEAR):ti4silver: (Breakable)
Can't Deny (Vinny)I'm De Captain Now (i hit random)
DickButts (KOBE)4 Normies 1 Weeb (offlane to immortal)
Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork (Sonnegod Sadboy)No Shaman (Jmlv96)
New Meta Pod Squad (ComeDineWithMe)Jurassic Slarks (Gotne)
Overwhelmed Virgin Face (Michael J Jackson)BYE
New Alliance (Jon)Akiri (Akiri)
Big Booty Barathrum (McSnazzi)Coahre (Coahre)