EST-SUN Season 13 Week 3 Standings

PlaceName (Captain)LogoWinsLossesTiebreaker
1Anthony Fantano Here000
2Weird Drafts Incoming (Zamolχes)000
3CosmiK's Dad is 4K (TheOctane)000
4Don't Cramp My Style (Malakai)000
5Do yu know da Way (Ricers hates dotes)000
6No Sana No Life (ShmeeZZy)000
7Big Mike Mercy (`Zphyr AKA Zipper)000
8Low Expectations (Vanilla Acoustic)000
9Geographically Challenged000
10Finding Shea Dr. (Yak)000
11For The Boys (DongerClose)000
12Nuttybuttys 2.0 (nuttypizza)000
134 Players and a Feeder (Autoattacks)000
-Osiris Team (Osiris.小不好)000
14Pizza Nation000
15The Wisp Who Shagged Me (Vynil)000
16Solitude Stack000