SEAL Season 3 Series

WeekHome Team NameHome Team LogoHome Team PointsAway Team PointsAway Team LogoAway Team NameMatch 1Match 2Forfeit Match 1?Forfeit Match 2?
8Stud Squad (UltraGunner)205 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)LinkLinkNoneNone
8Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)20fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)N/AN/AAwayAway
8Sea Monsters (Panda)11Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)N/ALinkAwayNone
8I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)11Knights of Lil B (Satan)LinkLinkNoneNone
8The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)115 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)LinkLinkNoneNone
8Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)11My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)LinkLinkNoneNone
8Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)20Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)LinkLinkNoneNone
75 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
7Knights of Lil B (Satan)20Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)LinkLinkNoneNone
7Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)11Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)LinkLinkNoneNone
75 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)20The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)LinkLinkNoneNone
7Stud Squad (UltraGunner)20My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)LinkLinkNoneNone
7Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)11Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)LinkLinkNoneNone
7Sea Monsters (Panda)20I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)LinkLinkNoneNone
7fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)20The Numberless Apes (smacktrickz)N/AN/AAwayAway
6fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
6Sea Monsters (Panda)11Knights of Lil B (Satan)LinkLinkNoneNone
65 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)11Stud Squad (UltraGunner)LinkLinkNoneNone
6Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)20Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)LinkLinkNoneNone
65 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)02Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)LinkLinkNoneNone
6Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)20Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)LinkLinkNoneNone
6The Numberless Apes (smacktrickz)11My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)LinkLinkNoneNone
6I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)20The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)LinkLinkNoneNone
5My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
5Sea Monsters (Panda)11Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)LinkLinkNoneNone
5Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)11Knights of Lil B (Satan)LinkLinkNoneNone
5Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)20Stud Squad (UltraGunner)LinkLinkNoneNone
55 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)11The Numberless Apes (smacktrickz)LinkLinkNoneNone
5I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)115 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)LinkLinkNoneNone
5Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)20fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)LinkLinkNoneNone
5The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)11Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)LinkLinkNoneNone
4Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)11Knights of Lil B (Satan)LinkLinkNoneNone
45 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)02Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)LinkN/ANoneNone
4Stud Squad (UltraGunner)20The Numberless Apes (smacktrickz)LinkLinkNoneNone
4fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)02Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)LinkLinkNoneNone
4Sea Monsters (Panda)20The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)LinkLinkNoneNone
4Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)11I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)LinkLinkNoneNone
4Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)20My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)LinkLinkNoneNone
4Undesirable and Overrated (aeos)115 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)N/AN/ANoneNone
3Sea Monsters (Panda)115 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)LinkLinkNoneNone
3Knights of Lil B (Satan)20The Numberless Apes (smacktrickz)LinkLinkNoneNone
3Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)11Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)LinkLinkNoneNone
35 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)11My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)LinkLinkNoneNone
3Stud Squad (UltraGunner)11Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)LinkLinkNoneNone
3Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)11I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)LinkLinkNoneNone
3The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)20fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)LinkLinkNoneNone
3Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)20Undesirable and Overrated (aeos)LinkLinkNoneNone
2Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)20Stud Squad (UltraGunner)LinkLinkNoneNone
25 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)20Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)LinkLinkNoneNone
2Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)205 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)LinkLinkNoneNone
2Knights of Lil B (Satan)11The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)LinkLinkNoneNone
2Sea Monsters (Panda)20My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)LinkLinkNoneNone
2Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)11fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)LinkLinkNoneNone
2I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)20Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)LinkLinkNoneNone
2The Numberless Apes (smacktrickz)20Undesirable and Overrated (aeos)LinkLinkNoneNone
1Smooth Jazz Gaming (SteveyRuggles)20Sweet Jazz Esports (Clare ❤ Teresa)LinkLinkNoneNone
1Knights of Lil B (Satan)20Roll Damn Tide Pods (TheMantis)LinkLinkNoneNone
1Sea Monsters (Panda)11Let Me See That Krussy (Danny)LinkLinkNoneNone
1fierysnake fanclub (sunshineduck)205 Steaks + 1 Grill (Dodecagon)LinkLinkNoneNone
15 Potatoes 1 Farmer (Potato Farmer)11The Numberless Apes (smacktrickz)LinkLinkNoneNone
1Drafted By A Weeb (yfu)20I Got Your Logo Right Here (gharnef)LinkLinkNoneNone
1My Boy Will + 5 (D)ICKS (brie)02The Flaccid Assassins (Logical)LinkLinkNoneNone
1Stud Squad (UltraGunner)11Undesirable and Overrated (aeos)LinkLinkNoneNone