EST-TUES Season 31 Week 7 Matchups

Home TeamAway Team
BZENG NOOB MID (bzengjkt43 PVE PLAYER)Ten Hand Man (FatSloth)
pma and 4 supports (fruit punch)Cull Me Maybe (JBay7)
Math is what you want it to be! (Clare ❤ Teresa)Something Beautiful (GTSmiley)
HarvASSters (♀Gh☼st♀)Hulk DN (Infinity)
Disperser Enjoyers (Farmacist)Rooks Potatoes (Shea Dr.)
Situation Handlers (Clockken)The Monstars (Reedy)
IM BRINGING THE HEAT (keshi)Redemption of Arctes LOC (7EMPEST)
Taylor Swift Fans (Real) (Ira)Ass Eaters Anonymous (D0c Hammer)
For Science! (Skater_x7)The Company (Topy)
Mathematical Capybara (Yumi)IntoxiGankers (Zamolχes)
Old Tech/New Tech (T2)BYE