Season 19 Playoff Series

RoundHome Team NameHome Team LogoHome Team PointsAway Team PointsAway Team LogoAway Team NameMatch Url
1Baljeet and the E-girls20mad maxLink
2Baljeet and the E-girlsShe said she was lvl 18
1Glad Tortoises12She said she was lvl 18Link
3Captain Pepega
2maodie koreaboos
2Ninja02Captain Pepega
1mao21Sports Anime ProtagonistsLink
3lul Est Sunday First Seed
1Staylin Gulag12die koreaboosLink
2the other team but betterChief Brexit Negotiator Dodgy Dan Negotiates No Invoker Bans
1Ninja20Boneless Pizza
2Literally No One CaresTheBiggestOversight
3flaming pucking fansies
1Chupaloompas12Captain Pepega
2End Portal02lul Est Sunday First Seed
1the other team but better21Wild West Wind
1Chief Brexit Negotiator Dodgy Dan Negotiates No Invoker Bans20The Zoo
2FooSquashNA's Last Hope
1Literally No One Cares20Dartboard Draft
2Cruisin' for a Bruisin'02flaming pucking fansies
2Small Nigma FansLucky Mike's Dildo Emporium
1End Portal21Apes Together Strong
2jlissa bitchstaylin lick my pits
1lul Est Sunday First Seed204 Art 1 teezy
2Skinny BlondondoI Like Kurt
1WUTCHOP20Also Lucky Mike's Dildo Emporium and Matieu's team and Foreskin
2Erock and the Elite FourB -
1KAMIKAZE IT IS20The Very Good Bois
2Hidden FistTrav2s
2FeetMorgo Freeman
1Friendship > Skill02FooSquash
2offlane to immortalbaby yodas
1NA's Last Hope20Slow Priority IRL
1Cruisin' for a Bruisin'20Honk 'n Bonk
1Znyper's Brainiacs12flaming pucking fansies
1Small Nigma Fans20warcraft
1Lucky Mike's Dildo Emporium 20Team Name Mjawn 2.0: Revenge of the Phantom Menace
1Pepega Pigs02jlissa bitchLink
1staylin lick my pits21USDannyLink
1Return of the King02Skinny BlondondoLink
1Hobbit's Barn02I Like KurtLink
1Erock and the Elite Four21:ti4platinum:
1B -20No Sana No Life
1Hidden Fist20Army of Apes
1Cereal Killers02Trav2s
1Morgo Freeman20Hulkster's in the House
1offlane to immortal21Brightside is my big time crushLink
1baby yodas20Smooth Steve and the Yacht Rock ExperienceLink