EST-MON Season 19 Week 9 Standings

PlaceName (Captain)LogoWinsLossesTiebreaker
1Baljeet and the E-girls (ameeno)14266
2Erock and the Elite Four (Erock)11569
3Pepega Pigs (TinT)11567
4WUTCHOP (Sawyer Green)10669
5Morgo Freeman (Funzo)9770
6End Portal (CombüstibleLemon)9761
7Return of the King (Aragorn)8874
8Smooth Steve and the Yacht Rock Experience (KnightOfZero)8866
9Army of Apes (Droads18)8864
10Team Name Mjawn 2.0: Revenge of the Phantom Menace (LTH)8861
11The Very Good Bois (Woof.)8854
12Boneless Pizza (Holo)8851
134 Art 1 teezy (hungryphenix)8843
143's Not Enough (Majka)7948
15Competitive Artifact Team (RHYSTΛTIC )7944
16Hot Singles In Doge's Area (soundproof)61053
17Week 2 Disband (Mattjoman)41248
-Trailer Park Boys (Montana)317
18T-Sauce (Buttery THUD)11550
-Team Abyss (Lotus)048