EST-SUN Season 17 Series

WeekHome Team NameHome Team LogoHome Team PointsAway Team PointsAway Team LogoAway Team NameMatch 1Match 2Forfeit Match 1?Forfeit Match 2?
8Green With (Envi)02Impressively MediocreLinkLinkNoneNone
8All A's Or You Can't Play (Swamp Donster)20Miserably InadequateN/AN/AAwayAway
8BUCK'S TEAM (be still)203 outta 5 weeb compromiseN/AN/AAwayAway
8Retards on ICe (Izumi <3)20Tiny AirlinesLinkLinkNoneNone
8ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE ME (subject)11Four Smurfs and a HeraldLinkLinkNoneNone
8Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)02RIP JungleN/AN/AHomeHome
8THE MIDNIGHT WISPS (NutR)02Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...LinkLinkNoneNone
8Est-Mon Will Pay for the Wall (The Chupacabraj)20GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2LinkLinkNoneNone
8Classy Retards (Shark-)11Moon MenLinkLinkNoneNone
8Can We Change The Name (Pastafarian)20Russian Bots Arguing With Each OtherLinkLinkNoneNone
8Warm Carl was Stolen (Trav2s)02Chromosome CollectorsLinkLinkNoneNone
8Gachi Girls (CC)02The Last WispLinkLinkNoneNone
8Kodo Tag Xtreme (Jambato)20Janatorial StaffN/AN/ANoneNone
8Head First into Shallow Pools (G-Raff)20Why Am I Fighting ULinkLinkNoneNone
7GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2 (GAFF)20Green WithLinkLinkNoneNone
7RIP Jungle (earthwarrior4)11ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE MELinkLinkNoneNone
7Chromosome Collectors (NightWhisper)11Impressively MediocreLinkLinkNoneNone
7Miserably Inadequate (Thundtard)023 outta 5 weeb compromiseN/AN/AHomeHome
7Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)20Can We Change The NameLinkLinkNoneNone
7Gachi Girls (CC)11Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...LinkLinkNoneNone
7Tiny Airlines (Rusy)02Est-Mon Will Pay for the WallLinkLinkNoneNone
7Head First into Shallow Pools (G-Raff)20BUCK'S TEAMLinkLinkNoneNone
7Russian Bots Arguing With Each Other (Eddie Mercury)11All A's Or You Can't PlayLinkLinkNoneNone
7THE MIDNIGHT WISPS (NutR)20Retards on ICeLinkLinkNoneNone
7Kodo Tag Xtreme (Jambato)02Moon MenLinkLinkNoneNone
7Janatorial Staff (General Ender)02Classy RetardsLinkLinkNoneNone
7The Last Wisp (astroty)20Four Smurfs and a HeraldLinkLinkNoneNone
7Why Am I Fighting U (Lily)11Warm Carl was StolenLinkLinkNoneNone
6Russian Bots Arguing With Each Other (Eddie Mercury)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
6Green With (Envi)11ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE MELinkLinkNoneNone
63 outta 5 weeb compromise (Nullagon)02All A's Or You Can't PlayN/AN/AHomeHome
6BUCK'S TEAM (be still)11Chromosome CollectorsN/ALinkNoneNone
6Tiny Airlines (Rusy)20Can We Change The NameLinkLinkNoneNone
6GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2 (GAFF)02Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...N/AN/AHomeHome
6Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)11Moon MenLinkLinkNoneNone
6Impressively Mediocre (AgressivelyPMA)20PRCWSN/AN/AAwayAway
6RIP Jungle (earthwarrior4)20Miserably InadequateLinkLinkNoneNone
6Gachi Girls (CC)02THE MIDNIGHT WISPSLinkLinkNoneNone
6Retards on ICe (Izumi <3)20Why Am I Fighting ULinkLinkNoneNone
6Kodo Tag Xtreme (Jambato)02Four Smurfs and a HeraldLinkLinkNoneNone
6Classy Retards (Shark-)11Head First into Shallow PoolsLinkLinkNoneNone
6Janatorial Staff (General Ender)11Warm Carl was StolenLinkLinkNoneNone
6The Last Wisp (astroty)11Est-Mon Will Pay for the WallLinkLinkNoneNone
5All A's Or You Can't Play (Swamp Donster)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
5Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)11Green WithN/ALinkNoneNone
5BUCK'S TEAM (be still)02Can We Change The NameLinkLinkNoneNone
5Retards on ICe (Izumi <3)11Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...LinkLinkNoneNone
5Head First into Shallow Pools (G-Raff)02Tiny AirlinesLinkLinkNoneNone
5ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE ME (subject)20Russian Bots Arguing With Each OtherLinkN/ANoneNone
5Impressively Mediocre (AgressivelyPMA)02Janatorial StaffLinkLinkNoneNone
5GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2 (GAFF)02Gachi GirlsLinkLinkNoneNone
5PRCWS (R014ND)023 outta 5 weeb compromiseN/AN/AHomeHome
5Classy Retards (Shark-)20Miserably InadequateLinkLinkNoneNone
5RIP Jungle (earthwarrior4)02Moon MenLinkLinkNoneNone
5Chromosome Collectors (NightWhisper)02Why Am I Fighting ULinkLinkNoneNone
5THE MIDNIGHT WISPS (NutR)20Kodo Tag XtremeLinkLinkNoneNone
5Est-Mon Will Pay for the Wall (The Chupacabraj)20Four Smurfs and a HeraldLinkLinkNoneNone
5The Last Wisp (astroty)20Warm Carl was StolenLinkLinkNoneNone
4BUCK'S TEAM (be still)02Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...LinkLinkNoneNone
4Impressively Mediocre (AgressivelyPMA)11Miserably InadequateLinkLinkNoneNone
4ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE ME (subject)11Moon MenLinkLinkNoneNone
4Janatorial Staff (General Ender)20All A's Or You Can't PlayN/AN/AAwayAway
4Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)02THE MIDNIGHT WISPSLinkLinkNoneNone
4Can We Change The Name (Pastafarian)11Chromosome CollectorsLinkLinkNoneNone
4Gachi Girls (CC)11Retards on ICeLinkLinkNoneNone
4GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2 (GAFF)20RIP JungleLinkLinkNoneNone
4Tiny Airlines (Rusy)02The Last WispLinkLinkNoneNone
4Why Am I Fighting U (Lily)11Green WithLinkLinkNoneNone
4Russian Bots Arguing With Each Other (Eddie Mercury)203 outta 5 weeb compromiseLinkLinkNoneNone
4Est-Mon Will Pay for the Wall (The Chupacabraj)20Classy RetardsLinkLinkNoneNone
4Head First into Shallow Pools (G-Raff)02Kodo Tag XtremeLinkLinkNoneNone
4Warm Carl was Stolen (Trav2s)11Four Smurfs and a HeraldLinkLinkNoneNone
3Miserably Inadequate (Thundtard)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
3Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)20ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE MELinkLinkNoneNone
3Tiny Airlines (Rusy)20Moon MenLinkLinkNoneNone
3BUCK'S TEAM (be still)11THE MIDNIGHT WISPSLinkLinkNoneNone
3Green With (Envi)20Janatorial StaffLinkLinkNoneNone
3Retards on ICe (Izumi <3)20Can We Change The NameLinkN/ANoneAway
33 outta 5 weeb compromise (Nullagon)02Classy RetardsLinkLinkNoneNone
3Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her... (Habits)11Kodo Tag XtremeLinkLinkNoneNone
3Impressively Mediocre (AgressivelyPMA)02Warm Carl was StolenLinkLinkNoneNone
3Chromosome Collectors (NightWhisper)20Russian Bots Arguing With Each OtherLinkLinkNoneNone
3RIP Jungle (earthwarrior4)11Four Smurfs and a HeraldLinkLinkNoneNone
3Gachi Girls (CC)20Head First into Shallow PoolsLinkLinkNoneNone
3GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2 (GAFF)20The Last WispLinkLinkNoneNone
3Est-Mon Will Pay for the Wall (The Chupacabraj)11Why Am I Fighting ULinkLinkNoneNone
3All A's Or You Can't Play (Swamp Donster)00PRCWSN/AN/AHomeAway
2Why Am I Fighting U (Lily)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
2Tiny Airlines (Rusy)11Impressively MediocreLinkLinkNoneNone
2ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE ME (subject)20Miserably InadequateLinkLinkNoneNone
2BUCK'S TEAM (be still)11Retards on ICeLinkLinkNoneNone
2Moon Men (Miller Time)11Green WithLinkLinkNoneNone
2Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)02Gachi GirlsLinkLinkNoneNone
2Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her... (Habits)20Janatorial StaffLinkLinkNoneNone
2GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2 (GAFF)11THE MIDNIGHT WISPSLinkLinkNoneNone
23 outta 5 weeb compromise (Nullagon)02Kodo Tag XtremeLinkLinkNoneNone
2All A's Or You Can't Play (Swamp Donster)02Warm Carl was StolenLinkLinkNoneNone
2Can We Change The Name (Pastafarian)11Four Smurfs and a HeraldLinkLinkNoneNone
2Head First into Shallow Pools (G-Raff)20Chromosome CollectorsLinkLinkNoneNone
2PRCWS (R014ND)02Est-Mon Will Pay for the WallLinkLinkNoneNone
2RIP Jungle (earthwarrior4)11The Last WispLinkLinkNoneNone
2Classy Retards (Shark-)11Russian Bots Arguing With Each OtherLinkLinkNoneNone
1Four Smurfs and a Herald (bearcat0611)20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
1Tiny Airlines (Rusy)11Lifestealher??? I barely Know Her...N/AN/ANoneNone
1ILL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE ME (subject)02GAFF's Blueberry Garden V2LinkLinkNoneNone
1Impressively Mediocre (AgressivelyPMA)113 outta 5 weeb compromiseLinkLinkNoneNone
1Green With (Envi)02Can We Change The NameN/AN/AHomeHome
1All A's Or You Can't Play (Swamp Donster)02RIP JungleLinkLinkNoneNone
1BUCK'S TEAM (be still)20PRCWSLinkLinkNoneNone
1Miserably Inadequate (Thundtard)02Gachi GirlsLinkLinkNoneNone
1Chromosome Collectors (NightWhisper)11Kodo Tag XtremeLinkLinkNoneNone
1Vrisky 8usiness (Wizard of Chaos)20Warm Carl was StolenLinkLinkNoneNone
1Moon Men (Miller Time)11Janatorial StaffLinkLinkNoneNone
1Retards on ICe (Izumi <3)20Russian Bots Arguing With Each OtherN/ALinkNoneNone
1THE MIDNIGHT WISPS (NutR)20Why Am I Fighting ULinkLinkNoneNone
1Est-Mon Will Pay for the Wall (The Chupacabraj)02Head First into Shallow PoolsLinkLinkNoneNone
1Classy Retards (Shark-)02The Last WispLinkLinkNoneNone