EST-SUN Season 16 Series

WeekHome Team NameHome Team LogoHome Team PointsAway Team PointsAway Team LogoAway Team NameMatch 1Match 2Forfeit Match 1?Forfeit Match 2?
8Team Tasteful Nudes20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
8Nearsquaad20Mike's Dad (and me)LinkN/ANoneAway
8Team Mexico City02The Big Dong and the 5 Little ScrotesN/ALinkNoneNone
8Overly Attached Wisp02gigglegangLinkLinkNoneNone
8Thanks for the tip20NaRUTO BUTT ASS NAKEDN/AN/AAwayAway
8V For Vendetta02HOW LONG??N/AN/AHomeHome
8Ancients Rise Up11PoonstarsLinkLinkNoneNone
8Block You Easily11Where's My Honey?LinkLinkNoneNone
8Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and Eight20Xi Jinping Fan ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
8Pacer & Associates02We Are MalakaiLinkLinkNoneNone
8smack it dont quack it11hedgehogs in parisLinkLinkNoneNone
8the best plays11CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of AsiaLinkLinkNoneNone
8Versatility Point Zero One02Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb DeployedN/AN/AHomeHome
8Green With11Midas GaymingLinkLinkNoneNone
8Majestic Wombats11dota friends 8)N/ALinkNoneNone
8DISASTER STACK20Goon Group Will PrevailLinkLinkNoneNone
8Phoenix Offlane University02Wet BreadLinkLinkNoneNone
8Run Down Mid11Loli Headpat FederationLinkLinkNoneNone
8SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTS02Revenge of the WispLinkLinkNoneNone
7smack it dont quack it20Team Mexico CityLinkLinkNoneNone
7Phoenix Offlane University20Mike's Dad (and me)LinkLinkNoneNone
7Pacer & Associates11The Big Dong and the 5 Little ScrotesLinkLinkNoneNone
7Thanks for the tip02HOW LONG??LinkLinkNoneNone
7Poonstars20the best playsLinkLinkNoneNone
7bristlefront11Block You EasilyLinkLinkNoneNone
7Overly Attached Wisp20DISASTER STACKLinkN/ANoneAway
7Green With11Loli Headpat FederationLinkLinkNoneNone
7Nearsquaad11Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb DeployedLinkLinkNoneNone
7Majestic Wombats11Xi Jinping Fan ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
7Revenge of the Wisp20LacreshaLinkLinkNoneNone
7Versatility Point Zero One02Wet BreadLinkN/ANoneHome
7Where's My Honey?11gigglegangLinkLinkNoneNone
7Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and Eight11Goon Group Will PrevailLinkLinkNoneNone
7Team Tasteful Nudes02dota friends 8)N/AN/AHomeHome
7Midas Gayming20V For VendettaLinkLinkNoneNone
7We Are Malakai20CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of AsiaLinkLinkNoneNone
7SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTS20Ancients Rise UpLinkLinkNoneNone
7Run Down Mid02hedgehogs in parisLinkLinkNoneNone
6Xi Jinping Fan Club20BYEBYEN/AN/AAwayAway
6HOW LONG??11dota friends 8)LinkLinkNoneNone
6Versatility Point Zero One11NearsquaadLinkLinkNoneNone
6Team Mexico City20CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of AsiaLinkN/ANoneNone
6Poonstars20DISASTER STACKLinkLinkNoneNone
6Ancients Rise Up20LacreshaLinkLinkNoneNone
6the best plays20Thanks for the tipLinkLinkNoneNone
6Mike's Dad (and me)20Team Tasteful NudesLinkLinkNoneNone
6Run Down Mid20Block You EasilyLinkLinkNoneNone
6Goon Group Will Prevail20NaRUTO BUTT ASS NAKEDLinkLinkNoneNone
6Overly Attached Wisp11Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb DeployedLinkN/ANoneNone
6SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTS11smack it dont quack itLinkLinkNoneNone
6The Big Dong and the 5 Little Scrotes11Loli Headpat FederationLinkLinkNoneNone
6Revenge of the Wisp11Pacer & AssociatesLinkLinkNoneNone
6Green With11We Are MalakaiLinkLinkNoneNone
6bristlefront11V For VendettaLinkLinkNoneNone
6Wet Bread11gigglegangLinkLinkNoneNone
6Midas Gayming20Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and EightLinkLinkNoneNone
6Phoenix Offlane University02hedgehogs in parisLinkLinkNoneNone
6Majestic Wombats02Where's My Honey?LinkLinkNoneNone
5dota friends 8)20BYEBYEN/AN/ANoneNone
5HOW LONG??02gigglegangLinkLinkNoneNone
5Nearsquaad02The Big Dong and the 5 Little ScrotesLinkLinkNoneNone
5CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of Asia20Mike's Dad (and me)LinkLinkNoneNone
5the best plays11Overly Attached WispLinkLinkNoneNone
5Block You Easily20Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and EightLinkLinkNoneNone
5Phoenix Offlane University11Green WithLinkLinkNoneNone
5Pacer & Associates11Ancients Rise UpLinkLinkNoneNone
5Versatility Point Zero One11DISASTER STACKLinkLinkNoneNone
5Team Mexico City02SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTSLinkLinkNoneNone
5Revenge of the Wisp02smack it dont quack itLinkLinkNoneNone
5Wet Bread02LacreshaLinkLinkNoneNone
5Where's My Honey?20NaRUTO BUTT ASS NAKEDLinkLinkNoneNone
5Xi Jinping Fan Club02Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb DeployedLinkLinkNoneNone
5Majestic Wombats02Loli Headpat FederationLinkLinkNoneNone
5Team Tasteful Nudes02Thanks for the tipLinkLinkNoneNone
5V For Vendetta20Goon Group Will PrevailLinkLinkNoneNone
5Midas Gayming02hedgehogs in parisLinkLinkNoneNone
5Run Down Mid11We Are MalakaiN/ALinkAwayNone
4Lacresha11Mike's Dad (and me)LinkLinkNoneNone
4Poonstars02Pacer & AssociatesLinkLinkNoneNone
4HOW LONG??02The Big Dong and the 5 Little ScrotesLinkLinkNoneNone
4Majestic Wombats02smack it dont quack itLinkLinkNoneNone
4the best plays20Xi Jinping Fan ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
4Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb Deployed20SayNoToAnimeN/AN/AAwayAway
4gigglegang20dota friends 8)LinkLinkNoneNone
4Midas Gayming11Block You EasilyLinkLinkNoneNone
4Overly Attached Wisp02CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of AsiaLinkLinkNoneNone
4Team Mexico City11Revenge of the WispLinkLinkNoneNone
4Nearsquaad02SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTSLinkLinkNoneNone
4Wet Bread11Green WithLinkLinkNoneNone
4bristlefront02Ancients Rise UpLinkLinkNoneNone
4Versatility Point Zero One11hedgehogs in parisLinkLinkNoneNone
4V For Vendetta11Thanks for the tipLinkLinkNoneNone
4Goon Group Will Prevail02Loli Headpat FederationLinkLinkNoneNone
4Phoenix Offlane University11We Are MalakaiLinkLinkNoneNone
4Where's My Honey?02Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and EightLinkLinkNoneNone
4Team Tasteful Nudes02Run Down MidLinkLinkNoneNone
3Poonstars11smack it dont quack itLinkLinkNoneNone
3HOW LONG??11Overly Attached WispLinkLinkNoneNone
3Green With11Pacer & AssociatesLinkLinkNoneNone
3Team Mexico City20Phoenix Offlane UniversityLinkLinkNoneNone
3Block You Easily20gigglegangLinkLinkNoneNone
3Lacresha20the best playsLinkLinkNoneNone
3Mike's Dad (and me)20Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb DeployedLinkLinkNoneNone
3SayNoToAnime02Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and EightLinkLinkNoneNone
3Versatility Point Zero One11The Big Dong and the 5 Little ScrotesLinkLinkNoneNone
3Xi Jinping Fan Club11Loli Headpat FederationLinkLinkNoneNone
3dota friends 8)02DISASTER STACKLinkLinkNoneNone
3Nearsquaad20Team Tasteful NudesLinkLinkNoneNone
3NaRUTO BUTT ASS NAKED02We Are MalakaiLinkLinkNoneNone
3Goon Group Will Prevail11Thanks for the tipLinkLinkNoneNone
3bristlefront11hedgehogs in parisLinkLinkNoneNone
3Midas Gayming11CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of AsiaLinkLinkNoneNone
3Where's My Honey?02Ancients Rise UpLinkLinkNoneNone
3Run Down Mid11V For VendettaLinkLinkNoneNone
3SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTS11Majestic WombatsLinkLinkNoneNone
3Wet Bread02Revenge of the WispLinkLinkNoneNone
2smack it dont quack it20Block You EasilyLinkLinkNoneNone
2Team Mexico City20Overly Attached WispLinkLinkNoneNone
2Pacer & Associates20Xi Jinping Fan ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
2Mike's Dad (and me)02bristlefrontLinkLinkNoneNone
2Lacresha02Phoenix Offlane UniversityLinkLinkNoneNone
2NaRUTO BUTT ASS NAKED20dota friends 8)LinkN/ANoneAway
2Green With20Thanks for the tipLinkLinkNoneNone
2SayNoToAnime02CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of AsiaLinkLinkNoneNone
2HOW LONG??02Wet BreadLinkLinkNoneNone
2the best plays20Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and EightLinkLinkNoneNone
2gigglegang11Loli Headpat FederationN/ALinkNoneNone
2Versatility Point Zero One11Midas GaymingLinkLinkNoneNone
2Majestic Wombats20Goon Group Will PrevailLinkLinkNoneNone
2The Big Dong and the 5 Little Scrotes02Team Tasteful NudesLinkLinkNoneNone
2Ancients Rise Up20Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb DeployedLinkLinkNoneNone
2DISASTER STACK02We Are MalakaiLinkLinkNoneNone
2hedgehogs in paris11V For VendettaLinkLinkNoneNone
2Run Down Mid02SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTSLinkLinkNoneNone
2Where's My Honey?02Revenge of the WispLinkLinkNoneNone
1Mike's Dad (and me)11Block You EasilyLinkLinkNoneNone
1SayNoToAnime02Team Mexico CityLinkLinkNoneNone
1smack it dont quack it11Versatility Point Zero OneLinkLinkNoneNone
1Nearsquaad20the best playsLinkLinkNoneNone
1CC and the Scientifically Big Classy Vaping Sadboy Salesman Of Asia02HOW LONG??LinkLinkNoneNone
1Phoenix Offlane University20NaRUTO BUTT ASS NAKEDLinkLinkNoneNone
1Green With11bristlefrontLinkLinkNoneNone
1Five Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand and Eight02PoonstarsLinkLinkNoneNone
1Midas Gayming11Pacer & AssociatesLinkLinkNoneNone
1dota friends 8)02The Big Dong and the 5 Little ScrotesLinkLinkNoneNone
1Thanks for the tip11Xi Jinping Fan ClubLinkLinkNoneNone
1We Are Malakai02Overly Attached WispLinkLinkNoneNone
1Where's My Honey?20Loli Headpat FederationLinkLinkNoneNone
1Run Down Mid20Ancients Rise UpLinkLinkNoneNone
1DISASTER STACK02Revenge of the WispLinkLinkNoneNone
1Majestic Wombats11Team Tasteful NudesLinkLinkNoneNone
1V For Vendetta02Wet BreadLinkLinkNoneNone
1Goon Group Will Prevail11hedgehogs in parisN/AN/ANoneNone
1Target Acquired: Prohibit Bomb Deployed02SMALL DICKS, BIG HEARTSLinkLinkNoneNone