Season 28 EST-TUES Captains

#NameAvatarRankDotabuff / OpendotaStatement
80Dotabuff / OpenDota6.1k pos 1…6.1k pos 1 looking to play only pudge pos 1 , atrocious player , bad , toxic , washed , flamey , angry , angsty , venomous, toxic(x2) , terrible , passiveaggressive, dogshit ,toxic(x3),play 4 fun, only here to play with friends pls dont pick des(fruitpunch) or sickboi or i will cry every night for whole season.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaDo me, I'ma do…Do me, I'ma do me I'ma make her mine, I'ma make her mine I fuck the shine, I said fuck the shine Bitch, I grind, bitch, I grind Yung Lean swervin' in, see me fucked up See me swervin' through, they want me locked up Been locked up, in my own mind My thoughts will never be shallow I got an empire of emotion Squad see me cruisin', cruisin' in my go kart I'm War, ho, I'm Warhol I'm Wario when I'm in Mario Kart Toppin' the charts, ace in my cards Choppa my locka when I'm writin' these b
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaWashed…Washed immortal. None of this offlane bullshit this season. Pos 5, Pos 4, or if you want to lose in style, Pos 1. Preferably Pos 5 though.
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
80Dotabuff / OpenDota
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaPMA player just…PMA player just looking to better myself in the game of Dota and have fun. JK I'm toxic as shit, good luck if you're on my team.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaRU and I are…RU and I are package deal. Don't play as much dota anymore so probably washed. Comfy on any role, tho better p1/2.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotatakin less L's…takin less L's makin more M's
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaP0.00001 player…P0.00001 player only, will farm everythinf and show up to absolutely nothing until minute 40 will be highest nw tho for the whole time at least as long as yall arent feeding or getting stomped or taking my farm hehe mostly a val player now cause dota ded dont first phase this time unless ur shoulders are broad im down for p4 too if yall let me pick my heroes stan dottore
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaHUGE GAMER
12D0c Hammer
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaRD2L EST-TUES…RD2L EST-TUES captain, 7 seasons. Support enjoyer, PMA, enjoys some good competitive dota gaming. Will spam Warlock. Cringe here:
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am bad 99% of…I am bad 99% of the time, but just remember it only takes 1 sperm to get a girl pregnant.
14Big Al
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaGoing for the…Going for the comfy stack, will be streaming games so expect everyone to see your strategy and dirty laundry
44Dotabuff / OpenDotagonna cry?
44Dotabuff / OpenDota
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy mmr has…My mmr has tanked because my irl friends who hardly play anymore convinced me to double down all our games in october. I also suck. Anybody that wants to practice laning is welcome to draft me and insist on helping me get better.
18Arctes Lord of Cinder
41Dotabuff / OpenDotaMid only
41Dotabuff / OpenDotaI just want to…I just want to play a core roll im way too greedy for support
20RedBridge meta changer
0Dotabuff / OpenDotaI will play any…I will play any position except for position 3. If needed I can but would rather not do so. I am a positive team player and would love to learn with a group of new people!