Season 25 EST-MON Players

#NameAvatarRankDotabuff / OpendotaStatementActivity Check?
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaposition 5…position 5 player. if you could message me if you want to pick me I would appreciate it.
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaLong time pos 5…Long time pos 5 rd2l player (8 seasons). Would potentially like to try out offlane if it works out that way. My steam avatar is from a musical comedy, relax.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaReformed…Reformed techies spammer..... Now play Snap/Ogre (good) - also enjoying weaver/dawn (better then bad) - will play whatever you want me to play (probably just bad/average) Probably don't want me as a 4 player, but will do my best if you do... my last hitting is pretty garbo as well and no clue how to play a farming hero really...... I have captained often, and dont mind drafting, although i am no great, but enjoy it if needed. ADMINS DO NOT ASK ME TO CAPTAIN. Lets win :)
4Yukki NoGucci
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaRD2L Vet since…RD2L Vet since Season 3, old man PMA gamer. I've stopped playing on the old account that I've always used for RD2L, but you can find it here: Happy to play 3/4/5. I have a pretty wide hero pool, and am available most evenings to practice.
35Dotabuff / OpenDotaMy availability…My availability changes week to week, but I am typically available most days after 6 pm eastern. I have been able to schedule scrims and play pubs with teammates in the past without much issue. Was on the winning RD2L team in Season 23.
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaOld tryhard who…Old tryhard who wants to improve. Pos1 player, trying to grind to ancient. If selected for not-pos1 probably a medal down from current mmr. Willing to scrim or practice with team if they want go all out.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaNot gonna be…Not gonna be active on Discord tonight. I'm meeting a girl (a real one) in half an hour (wouldn't expect a lot of you to understand anyway) so please don't DM me asking me where I am (im with the girl, ok) you'll most likely get aired because ill be with the girl (again I don't expect you to understand) shes actually really interested in me and its not a situation i can pass up for some meaningless Discord degenerates (because ill be meeting a girl, not that you really are going to understand) t
8Buttery THUD
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaA direct…A direct down-grade to what you wanted :) I play everything you don't want me to. I will put any hero in the offlane
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaI have achieved…I have achieved top 4 with the help of Aragorn. I am now ready to spread my wings and fly as a fully grown offlaner. God knows what mmr I will be come draft time. Don't first round me. No, I cannot rig the matchups or the standins. Super PMA as you can tell from all the banned players I am associates of. If you want a testimony on my character, ask your mom.
44Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am new to…I am new to team play on dota have mostly just played solo
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaif not picked…if not picked by a immortal captain i will tank the 2 season ban and just go make content for 2 seasons
73Dotabuff / OpenDotai dont play…i dont play dota anymore, my team won 1 whole game last season! willing to scrim and play out of officials. Message me if you are interested about picking me please.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotamsg before you…msg before you pick me pls. I have a specific playstyle.
53Dotabuff / OpenDotatbh draiden no…tbh draiden no offense but you could have died irl at 10 mins in and the result would have been the same
51Dotabuff / OpenDotapos1/2.…pos1/2. available everynight, former LoL player. still learning kinda.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaHave played…Have played very little dota in the last two years, slowly getting back into it but my mmr is certainly way too high for my skill level. 3 only please :)
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaboomer who…boomer who doesn't tilt
44Dotabuff / OpenDotaI once again am…I once again am returning to be mediocre in your offlane.
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaim gay
20Jidnahn ❤️ 響け!
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaWashed mid…Washed mid laner looking to play again in rd2l
63Dotabuff / OpenDotaThe lower my…The lower my MMR goes the more I want to die. I'm suicidal this isn't a joke this is a call for help please don't pick me unless you have a licensed therapist on the team.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaPosition 4 only…Position 4 only play that is giga boosted by stars, I'm actually a legend player.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm shit now…I'm shit now thanks. Big time feeder and ARAM only player
74Dotabuff / OpenDota2nd season of…2nd season of RD2L after really enjoying my first. Playing in PDC for another few weeks so won't be available on most Thursdays. Will be available after 7EST most other nights after work, although prefer a heads up for scrims/or playing. Looking to play 4 or 5 this season but willing to negotiate if you have a solid game plan for who you're drafting playerwise. Looking for a squad who balances fun, winning, and PMA. Please don't pick if you expect drama in your team. Thanks!
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaHappy New Year!…Happy New Year! Slightly boosted player looking to play some fun support games this season (can play 1 as well but prefer support). Happy to play scrims and/or play practice pubs. Won't be available for the first 2 weeks.
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaIm also playing…Im also playing in the AD2L Contender League The heros i mainly like to play are 4 heros but im probably more comfortable on 5 heros atm because that's what i have played the last two seasons of rd2l and in ad2l main alt
63Dotabuff / OpenDota" For some…" For some reason I saw that Nerd was the highest ranked player left by about 3 ranks. This immediately concerned me as I thought something must be wrong with Nerd for him to not have been picked yet... What I learned this season is that I was right, there is definitely something wrong with Nerd," - Dotato, Previous captain
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaLow mmr…Low mmr immortal, dont play as much as i used to, but i can make all games np
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaWashed up…Washed up gamer, not recommended by Aragorn, not first round material
42Dotabuff / OpenDota… Don't really care too much which role, just want chill teammates that want to be competitive.
71Dotabuff / OpenDotapos1 only pls…pos1 only pls -illusion hero luxuriator -i love clicking creeps -will abuse my fellow 5 wanna play to win, but also communicate and be pma pretty available
64Dotabuff / OpenDotaAny role. Able…Any role. Able to scrim most nights. Used to play EST-Mon back in like season 10-12 or something. I was on Beastwood's team.
23Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am very…I am very available on Mondays and Tuesdays, along with much of the weekends. Wednesdays I am open after 9pm, Thursdays after 10pm, and Fridays after 6pm
63Dotabuff / OpenDotai play SF and…i play SF and other toxic mids. I play really farming heavy and really greedy. I will be toxic at times and yell a lot in comms, you can ask DP or the Dude as i have been in 3 teams with them outside of RD2L. message me if u want to pick me
74Dotabuff / OpenDota
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaAvailable from…Available from 5pm-12pm EST M-Sa. Prefer playing 5 with Big_Toe
37Ja Ja Clinton-Dix
51Dotabuff / OpenDotaEST MON Season…EST MON Season 24 champion P5 and shotcaller
62Dotabuff / OpenDota
39Clever Little Turtle
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaProbably best I…Probably best I play offlane. I don't play dota outside of RD2L much anymore, but I've played for a long time so the things / heroes I'm good at are ingrained enough. Made Monday finals the past two season (though lost both rip) and won RD2L back in season 17. I want to win RD2L again before the heat death of the universe so I can pass the glory onto my progeny.
40Real Sad Doggo
63Dotabuff / OpenDota
42West Taiwan
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaVery PMA. I…Very PMA. I will play literally anything you draft me as a 4/5, so will probably give drafts lots of flexibility. Prefer to play 4 but it is what it is.
42Dotabuff / OpenDotaAm bad
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaDo not pick me
45Lady Septimus
32Dotabuff / OpenDota5 position…5 position support main :) Available weekends and evenings during the week to practice.
46Shea Dr.
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaBoomer here,…Boomer here, plays 4/5 with a mix of unorthodox heroes in support roles so please be advised, generally like skill shot heroes but miss my skill shots and end up winning anyway, my MMR is inflated so do be warned I play more like a divine. For anyone drafting who expects core role I am playing support as I have for the past 3-4 seasons, have been known to be unplayable with by players of RD2L who are banned for what its worth
53Dotabuff / OpenDotaI play 3 and 4,…I play 3 and 4, though my 4 hero pool is a fair bit smaller.
48lil mermaid
71Dotabuff / OpenDotaplay most of my…play most of my games in a friend stack. i do rd2l to meet people and learn new styles. i usually support, but am up for offlane or shitty carry.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaNo mic, just…No mic, just wanna meet and play with some new people <3
52Dotabuff / OpenDotaHey it's yo boi…Hey it's yo boi Carobu, I play Tree, I play Silencer. I like to yolo and I'm a semi-professional memer. I didn't forget about Dre.
55Dotabuff / OpenDotaLong time…Long time player and old school captain, one of Monday EST's old people. Prefer to play core roles, but can play reasonable 4 if you don't mind a hero puddle. I think I can typically hang with players better than me in mid if you want me for that, but I have a strange mid hero pool (not bad, just atypical). Otherwise, looking forward to a fun season! Available to scrim and practice most nights with advance notice.
63Dotabuff / OpenDotai am an…i am an offlaner or a carry player usually
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm a position…I'm a position 5 main and can generally be available most times when given at least a few hours notice.
54Festival the Saddest Popstar ♪
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaFestival was…Festival was born into a poor family in 1824, and lived most of his early life scavenging for coin. It was on a cold winter day that he ran into his hero, Adel, who took Festival under his wing and trained him in what would come to be prosperous career in professional Dota 2 esports. Practicing until his hands would bleed from the strain, he finally felt he could prove himself to his mentor, but he was lost to the world. Festival would soon succumb to the cold in 1853, leaving behind no legacy.
55Naya Of Alara
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaI'm offline…I'm offline Tuesday nights due to work and I'm looking to be in AD2L, which games are a Thursdays. But nothing solid has happened there yet. Looking to play competitively with friends.
74Dotabuff / OpenDotaPick me if you…Pick me if you want morph to be banned second phase 99% of games and then I ask for it in a terrible game and feed.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaI am not free…I am not free Weds/Fri/Sat nights after 9PM. Want to play mid.
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaChill player.…Chill player. Prefer 4 but happy to 5. Have lost a truly painful amount of MMR since last season I played so may be value, may be not.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotano other…no other leagues or divisions. Would like to play 3 or 4. I play ok sometimes.
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaThis would be…This would be my 3rd season, have not missed playoffs yet so prepare to make playoffs if you pick me. Should be free every Monday. I am wiling to play any role, but I'm most valuable and 1/3.
61cool and good
43Dotabuff / OpenDotaim cool and…im cool and also good. i like to play mid.
45Dotabuff / OpenDotamode:mj. won…mode:mj. won s23, took s24 off. i don't really wanna play offlane again. having me support is like having 1k player ty. also playing md2l.
63Surfs Up
32Dotabuff / OpenDotaPlayed the last…Played the last 2 seasons on Monday Night. Was on Dotato's team last season and Hex's team season before that. Made it to Monday night finals on Hex's team and 2nd round of playoffs on Dotato's team. Pos 4 or 5. Or if you are crazy 2 or 3.
75Dotabuff / OpenDotaThis would be…This would be the first league I would be playing in. My dotabuff is, I would like to play pos 1, but can play 3/4.
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaAghs lab only…Aghs lab only player. Looking for a stack to beat grand magus.
54Dotabuff / OpenDotaWashed up mini…Washed up mini div 3 champ
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaMainly a mid…Mainly a mid player, availability for scrims might be slightly limited depending on how my schedule is
65Dotabuff / OpenDotaResident Lion…Resident Lion player, PMA, looking for a chill team to have a fun time with, but can tryhard if required.
69Sorry 'Bout iT
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaSorry I’m not a…Sorry I’m not a rigged standin.
72Dotabuff / OpenDotaCan play either…Can play either mid or pos 4, I prefer 4.
73Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi
64Dotabuff / OpenDotalets have fun…lets have fun =)
61Dotabuff / OpenDotaPos 4 player
62Dotabuff / OpenDotaid probably…id probably prefer to play offlane 3 or 4.
41Dotabuff / OpenDotapos 5 - never…pos 5 - never gonna scrim so dont draft me if you want to scrim - can also pos 3 - my new years resolution is to rage more in dota games and not hold doors open for people unless they are women or old seniors
80Dotabuff / OpenDotaUse to play mid…Use to play mid but just recently have been playing 3 more. comfortable playing either. If you guys want to see how I interact with teammates, you can check out my vods:
65Dotabuff / OpenDota
34Dotabuff / OpenDotaGreetings, 3rd…Greetings, 3rd season in RD2L, looking for a fun group to play in the offlane (3)(4) with not apposed to hard support. Free to practice during the week with a few days notice.
79Jugo Boss
45Dotabuff / OpenDotaHi, my name is…Hi, my name is Powahouse, I'm from Argentina and play with 200 ping on USE, yet I have immense passion and dedication to this and will do anything to win, I have made it to the BSJ Liquid+ tournament grand finals on 300 ping so that must count for something haha, I'm always passionate about playing Dota as a team and love being on a team setting. My Discord is PowaHouse#8746 Dotabuff:
61Dotabuff / OpenDota
61Dotabuff / OpenDota
64Dotabuff / OpenDota
83Mozart in a Go-Kart
64Dotabuff / OpenDota
84Dr. EpiK
80Dotabuff / OpenDota